Server Maintenance on June 7
Aprox Duration: Maintenance will last between 1 and 2 hours.

Patch Notes:
- Bug Fix: Fixed Sif's movement and skills animations.
- Bug Fix: Fixed Sif's missing Eidolon Wishes.
- Bug Fix: Fixed SLV.5 Lament missing achievements.
- Bug Fix: Fixed SLV.5 Lament refresh time (it will be 3 hours instead of 6, like all of our Laments)
- Bug Fix: Fixed SLV.5 Lament Second Boss random glitchs.
- Bug Fix: Fixed Jinsuch's Raging Fire Trophy Bug. It should kill/unsummon your pets when equipped and in combat anymore.
- New Content Addition: Added New LV. 20 Production Rankings. (This will include new ranks from Lv 11 to 20, New available shops in Production NPCs, New Titles and New Exp Curve for production 1-10).
- New Content Addition: Philae's Temple New Floors (Includes floor 6 to 8).

New Paragon Table: Garden Edition
Available for one week, from June 7 to June 14. Its time to connect with nature and calm down from the stress of all that daily killing. With the new Production Rankings, life will certainly change in Azuria. All those frenetic monster hunters will retreat to the calm life of fishing, gathering, digging and housing. And to help you look the part, we have prepare a special Paragon Table designed for the country lifestyle.
- Release of "Garden fo Eve" Costume.
- 7 Days and 1 Day Production Sprites.
- Blue (7 days) and Pink (3 Days) Sprites.
- Sweetheart Jumpsuit Set.
- Demeter and Hebe's Costume Sets.
- Mounts: Tanukis, Sheeps and Rabbits.
- Furnitures, face and head accessories.
And Much More!

New Promotions:

AP and LP Battle Edition:
While the world of Azuria might look more relaxed these days with the Production Update, we know your thirst for blood won't be so easily calmed. So instead of making you suffer from anxiety because of all the battle retreat, we have decided to make for you a special AP and LP Promotion that will help you connect with your more agressive side.
- New Costume Weapons Release: Nidhogg's Extinction Scythes in the AP Store.
- Battle Ornaments: New Machine Gun Ornaments in the AP Store.
- Golden Weapon Fusion Scrolls in both shops.
- Holy Water Restructuring Solutions in both shops.
- x10 Superior Fortification Bundles with 30% discounts in both shops.
- Battle Mounts and Fashion in both stores!

Promotions will be available for one week, from June 8th to June 15th.

Double Exp Week Ending
Double Exp Week will end tomorrow, close to midnight.

One Hundred Tales Fanfiction Event Winners Announcement
Winners for the "One Hundred Tales" Fanfiction will be announced tomorrow, close to midnight. This includes the lucky winner for our LV.85 Boost Card Raffle. Good luck to everyone who joined! We will soon bring you a brand new, production related, screenshot fashion contest.

Upcoming Content: Next week we will bring you New PvP Panels and a changed schedule for Valley's battle fight during the weekends (which will take place at 5pm -5:30pm on saturday and sunday's). We will also start working on Soet Nightmare Mode, which should be ready in about 2-3 weeks from now.