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    Server Maintenance 31/05/2018

    Server Maintenance on May 31th
    Aprox Duration: Maintenance will last between 1 and 2 hours.

    Patch Notes:
    - Addition of New Dungeon: "Blazing Forest of the Ancestral Fire"
    New SLV.5 Lament
    Brand New Bosses to defeat
    Drop of brand new Gold SLV.5 Accessories
    Drop of brand new Enchantment Card Boxes

    The dungeon can be accessed through Secret Lake, in the entrance of Arcana Gleaming Forest. You will need to be at least SLV.5 to enter and you can access the dungeon once a day.

    New Paragon Table: Ancestral Guardians Edition
    Available for one week, from May 31 till June 7. A special brand new Paragon Table designed for you to explore other cultures. With asian inspired fashion, eidolons, costume weapons and accessories, this brand new table will complete your collection and your sense of style.
    - Seiryu's Key of Gaia, Fragments, and Accessory.
    - Murasame's Costume.
    - Nikki's Costume.
    - Luxury Chinese New Year Kimonos.
    - Charming Cats of Luck and Hidden Kitsune Ornaments.
    - Mounts: Chinese New Year Carriages.
    - Byakko, Vermillion, Won, Diao, Shirayuki and Amaterasu Key Fragments.
    And Much More!

    New Promotions: Fashion Edition for both stores.
    Both AP and LP Stores will feel like cosplaying this week. The AP Store will be filled with royal and majestic items that will give your caracter a distinctive look. The LP Store will be filled with anime inspired costumes, that will make your character look like a leading character!

    AP Store Royal Edition:
    Release of Royal Prince and RingMaster Costumes. Release of Officer Tiger Mounts. Royal inspired fashion, mounts and accesories. Discounted fashion sets, and more!

    LP Anime Edition
    Date A Live and Date A Live 2 Collection. Hyperdimension Neptunia Collection. Re:Zero Collection. Kitsugime no Chaika Collection. Bleach Collection. Disgaea Collection.

    Promotions will be available for one week, from June 1st to June 8th.

    Double Exp Week
    A new month is starting, and Summer is closer than ever. So if you are trying to catch up to everything that happened so far in the game this year, we will give you a little boost to help you. From June 1st, and until June 8th, we will have a special double exp and double mastery exp event so you can grow faster! (Event will start at 4pm -server time-)

    New Bonus Mall Promotions
    Available from June 1st. Month of the Earth! With the release of the Queen of the Harvest, the Mother of Nordic Nature, the Golden Locks of Splendor, we will celebrate nature and life in this special edition of our Bonus Mall. Sif's Key of Gaia and Fragments will be available, together with a wonderful collection of gorgeous ornaments, costumes and other Goddess that will come along in this journey.

    New Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards: June
    If you are still struggling with your stats, this special edition of the Adventurer Encyclopedia will give you a little boost further. With accessory, ornament, costumes, head and weapon costumes premium enchantment cards, you will be one step closer to those perfect stats.

    New Login Rewards
    If you are struggling to complete your Eidolon Collection and today's Paragon Table doesn't shine with luck, fear no more! Cause in this edition of our Daily Login Rewards, you will be able to achieve one full Seiryuu's Key of Gaia by combining all her fragments. Plus, since boosting your power is this month's theme, we have bring advanced and superior fortification scrolls to the mix. And regular and advanced secret stone and costume randomizers. Plus, since we really want you to speak out, this month will have a special Megaphones Edition!

    As you also probably just realized, we are back to our regular weekly maintenance schedule. This will mean that next week will come with bug fixes and more content. We will also start working on custom content, and bring you a new Nightmare Dungeon really soon!

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    Thanks for the update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aura View Post
    LP Anime Edition
    Date A Live and Date A Live 2 Collection. Hyperdimension Neptunia Collection. Re:Zero Collection. Kitsugime no Chaika Collection. Bleach Collection. Disgaea Collection.
    No Fairy Tail?
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    Welcome back dev! Hopefully we're saying goodbye to the known bugs we're having at the moment, which is mentioned above that is to be on next week.
    Thanks for the updates

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    Thank you so much for this <3

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    Shirayuki !!! finally can get her to *3. thanks Aura and devs
    dont forget about uriel, medje, pandora, zashiki bounty bug too ^^
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    Do not forget to fix this.

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    Thanks for the update.~

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    Hi aura, you could put the eido muse, fenrir and nikki in the lp store in the next maintenance, please

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    Thank you for great promo! And stop to call all new dungeons Lament plox ty. This one is not even close to a nightmare one.

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