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    Unhappy Eido's EXP Bugged

    Hello, I'm getting this bugged and I did everything that I could do like feeding the Eido but wouldn't level up and I tried to use the Marry Ring (Ring of Oath?) it didn't work either.. and the EXP Seems exceeded to its limit.
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    Your char need be Lv80 or more to level the eido...... probably if you log in with other char lv80+ and feed only one crystal they will level up

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    That one requires input from Aura/Dev.

    To explain the issue: there's 3 eido XP curves involved. Curve #1 (2016) let you level eidos up to lv80, but it was heavily bugged: after lv70 the progress bar wasn't working and requirement didn't show up, aurve itself was very erratic. After Curve #2 got released with the initial 4* patch, XP req got lowered (in particular, I believe 79->80 took around 39mil XP). People who were at 79 and over the new requirement (25mil) got permastuck because of that - you can't level eidos past 80 without marrying, and adding extra XP would cause exactly that. Curve #3 (from Awakening patch, I think, and it's active right now) further lowered the XP req down to 15mil for 79->80, and seemingly somehow addressed this issue (as there were people who reported it being fixed for them), but it looks like it's not solved completely.

    Since numerous people are affected by this problem, best way of fixing is changing unmarried eido level cap to 82~85.

    On a related note, another initial 4* patch error still hasn't been addressed - every single Eidolon released before Eirene's didn't give an eidolon background like they were supposed to when they marry them, and now they're unobtainable if you did. Can we get them as encyclopedia exchange items? For a ring+bead, maybe, or something along those lines.
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    same issue here since last year :/

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