Paragon Table Change on May 24: Mounts Edition.

Are you feeling the rush? Do you want to go full speed? Stilllooking for those perfect mounts abilities? Well, if you are still in the search, don't fear anymore! With this week edition of our Paragon Table, we will celebrate both Spring and your love for perfect stats. With a blossoming edition of gorgeus and friendly mounts, you will be able to complete your collection and get cheap fusing materials. Plus, speed buffs and mount consumables to achieve those amazing abilities!

- Lv1, Lv2 and Lv3 Shining Mount Reshuffle Stones.
- Mount Reshuffle Stones in different quantities.
- Mount Fusing Stones.
- Speed buffs: Speed of Beebis, Cotton Candy, Cocktail, Hermes Wings and more.
- Blossoming Mounts: Bird Cages, Moons, Kitty Chairs, Sheeps, Tanukis, And much More!

Paragon Table will be available from May 24 to May 31.

New Promotions:
Promotions will be available from May 24 till June 1st.

Eidolon Rampage in the AP and LP Store
On the last few weeks, one of the most required items players has been asking for are Keys of Gaia. Of newly and forgotten Eidolons, needed to complete your Eidolon List. And now, with the 4* Eidolon Stories in the horizon, more than ever you want to get your Eidolons to full grow.

On this week's promotions you will find a total of 36 Eidolon Keys of Gaia and Key Fragments: 18 on the AP Store and 18 on the LP Store. They will be available for one week and include Eidolons like Hades, Cerberus, Lucifer, Uriel, Elizabeth, Verdandi and Pandora (in the AP Store) and Eirenne, Idunn, Hebe, Demeter, Venus, Byakko, Undine, Hermes (in the LP Store).

Plus, you will be also able to upgrade your eidolons with Ring of Oath Bundles (in both stores) and up to 30% discounts in 1*,2*3* and 4* Eidolon Rerolls Scrolls.

Home Made Edition in the AP Store
This week's promotion will also give our players an extra opportunity to catch up on those gorgeous costumes you might be missing: sweet and delightful outfits and costume weapons to put the most sweet side of yourself on a high note. Food-related costume weapons, Love Collection Home Theme, Maid and Butler Costumes, and of course, our cooking and waiter outfits.

Kitty Edition in the LP Store
Nothing to enjoy some good company in your house! And if you are a cats person, this Promotion will feel like a perfect fit for you. Kitty mounts and costumes, glasses, pipes, costume weapons and of course... Kitty Pets!

On a side note, if you are feeling creative, you still have one more week to participate in our One Hundred Tales FanFiction Contest, we will receiving horror stories until May 31 and give amazing rewards in return, including the possibility to win a LV.85 Boost Card.

Our server maintenances are still postponed for one more week, but everything will return to normal next Thursday and with brand new content to entertain you! On May 31, we will add to the game a new Paragon Table (Asian Inspired), new promotions (Royal Theme in the AP Store, Anime Theme in the LP Store), new Adventurer Encyclopedia and Login Rewards, new Bonus Mall (with Sif release) and also a brand new dungeon to challenge you: SLV1+ Lament.