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    [Paragon Table Change and New Promotions]

    Paragon Table Change on May 17: Consumables Edition.

    Available for one week, from May 17 to May 24. Its time to gear up! With this week's special Paragon Table Edition, we will help our players to boost their power. The Table will be filled with all kind of goodies that will help improve your grinding power. Ranzomizers, ExP Items, Backpacks and Scrolls to increase your potential and help you leveling up:

    - Recast Shards, 110% and 115% Stones.
    - Advanced Secret Stones Rerolls.
    - Advanced Costume Restructuring Solutions.
    - 1*, 2* and 3* Fusion Stones.
    - 5-Slot, 10-Slot, 15-Slot and 20-Slot Backpacks.
    - 7-Day, 24 hours exp crystals.
    - XP Cards and Advanced XP Cards.
    - 1day Sprites and Pink Sprites.
    - 1day Treasure Charms.
    - Normal, Intermediate, Advanced, Premium and Superior Treasure Charms.
    - Chocolate Buffs.
    - Speed of Light (+MOV SPD for 1 month)
    - Superior Fortification Scrolls and Superior Transfer Scrolls.
    And Much More!

    New Promotions:
    Promotions will be available from May 17 (at around 4pm -server time). Keep in mind they will change this Thursday.

    General Hospital in the AP Store
    Are you getting sick from all the farming? Are you genuinely concern for your physical and mental health after spending so many hours in the computer? The staff of AKTO cares for your well-being, so this week we are proudly releasing a brand new Health Care Insurance. With the brand new Angel Nurse Costume Set and Medicine Mounts, you will feel ready to fight any sickness. But if you are still feeling under the weather, we have also bring to this special promotion everything you need for your rest.
    - Release of "Angel Nurse" Costume Set.
    - New Dazzling and Love Medicine Mounts (including the golden exclusive version)
    - Syringes, Scissors and Science Swors to provide you with the latest medical discovers.
    - Pajamas, Cuddle Bears and a full selection of Beds, "Feel Better" Teddy Bears and Love Lamps to encourage your recovery.
    - Masks and Goggle Bandage to contain the infections.
    - Discounted Glasses so you can continue your medical research.
    - Classroom Furniture collections, to turn your house to a medical research center.
    - Morrigan's Key of Gaia and Fragments to protect your rest.
    - Idunn's Key of Gaia, Fragments and Staff to inject life to your body.
    - Hermes's Key of Gaia and Fragments to continue your investigation and bring the latest of technology to your researchs.

    Formal Wear in the LP Store
    If you are already feeling better, it might be the perfect time for some rendez-vous. But of course, after a long recovery, you will probably want to leave those all garments and put in something more stylish. With this edition of our LP Hot Items, you will find everything you need to look like a true lady or a gentleman.
    - Blue Bird Key of Gaia and Fragments to continue your pursuit of happyness.
    - Snow White and Alice's Keys of Gaia and Fragments to feel like in a Fairy Tale.
    - Royal Regalia and Elegant Palace Dress to look like royal.
    - Venus's Set for an elegant tea party.
    - Priscilla's Costume Set to look like a true madam.
    - Wedding Gown and Tuxedo to increase your dating powers.
    - Parisienne Layers Set and Goethe Gothic Dress to look elegant but casual.
    - King of Pop and Royal Adventurer to emphasize your majestic social status.
    - Fairy Tales Carriages, Pegasus Mounts and Unicorns to move around in style.

    Ruby Coins Sale at 50% Discount!
    Also from Thursday 17 until May 24, we will give our players a special ruby coins discount so you can grind the Consumables Paragon Table non-stop. With a 50% discount and x500, x1000 and x2000 bundles in the LP store, you won't get any excuse to get everything you need. Discounts will be available for both AP and LP.

    On a side note, if you are feeling creative, you will have during the two following weeks an opportunity to express your imagination. With our One Hundred Tales FanFiction Contest, we will receiving horror stories until May 31 and give amazing rewards in return, including the possibility to win a LV.85 Boost Card. Also, remember next week we will continue with our scheduled maintenances on Thursdays.

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    Thanks Aura and devs!
    btw, has Pandora, Uriel, Medje bounty fixed yet?
    Anneliese & Eseilenna
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anneliese View Post
    Thanks Aura and devs!
    btw, has Pandora, Uriel, Medje bounty fixed yet?
    We have talked about this in World Chat just today. As you know, there aren't any schedule maintenances until next week. Bugs cannot be fixed without a server restart.

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    Very good, thanks for the update.
    "If you really want to be a winner, be someone who does not give up."

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    Hears Ocean Waves where ever I go
    Thank you for that hard but nice paragon I hope I get bit lucky
    and thank you for BlueBird in lp promo and RC promo too.

    I wanted to ask too about Marine construction items like wallpaper cealing etc can we craft them at lvl 10 or not ?

    and if not could we have them some day in LP promo?
    One thing I'ld love to have too is the little unicorn 60% move speed. I love that small unicorn it is adorable but I might be the only one wanted it sadly ;_;
    "Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan nan galad"

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    this is the best costume, i'd like to thank not only god but also jesus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggro View Post
    this is the best costume, i'd like to thank not only god but also jesus
    Costume comes with free surgery. Blessed Jesus!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggro View Post
    this is the best costume, i'd like to thank not only god but also jesus
    Legit. 10/10 Hahahahaha~

    Thank you for the updates! o/

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    Thank you

    Thank you so much Aura

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