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    Yarnaros The Emerald Tempest

    this story tells about The Greatest Warlord Yarnaros before he curses into dragon ,
    long time ago in Star Sand Desert located in North Midgard of Grazeus, yarnaros as warlord leading a large army to explore Ozymand Temple to defeat Talamund The Immortal Demon and find one of the artifacts that allow users to control wind power .

    day before explore yarnaros prepared the army
    'soldier tommorow we will make this country great again after we can defeat Talamund , so in front of me now there are only people who are ready to sacrifice their lives for it , so now prepared ur weapon and shield'

    day at explore in front of Ozymand Temple
    SOLDIER CHARGE .....' yarnaros feel stronger than before after he say that .

    after come in ozymand yarnaor and soldier defeat monster who live in ozymand and after cleared monster yarnaros go in small place maybe treasure room or something , after come in yarnaros feel weird
    'i feel something wrong in this room' , 'traaaaaakkkkkkkkk'(gate closed and locked) yarnaros locked in the room
    and something appear behind yarnaros

    yarnaros turn back and answer that

    demon says ' i'm Murfeo Chief Guardian in this place , so yarnaros what are doing and looking in this place ? in front of you there is only suffering awaits'
    yarnaros ' i come here to defeat Talamund The Immortal Demon '
    murfeo ' oh talamund righ.... WHATTTT ... are u serious human ? that creature cant be defeated by ur self or large army , u need person who get gaia power '
    yarnaros ' yeah i know but finding person like this in this time so difficult so i take move and i hear in this place have artifacts who can control wind '
    murfeo ' i know right , oh that artifacts atleast you need 3 piece of that , Winged Necklace ,Ring Band of Loyalty and Cloak Infernal Whisper , i have Winged Necklace , because u kind and strong person i will give it to you , hope you can defeat that creature ' from now mufeo didn't know that necklace is absorp dark energy who control himself too lose control .
    yarnaros ' thx you murfeo the chief guardian i will keep this as my life depends on it '

    after he meet murfeo , yarnaros continue explore , and some soldier find dragon altar and tell to yarnaros .
    a few hour later they find out what that meaning this altar in this middle of room ,
    and the yarnaros find out , this altar keep very very safety the second artifacts Ring Band of Loyalty in the mouth of this altar , he think this trap or something , and yes after he took that artifact , its look like a button , dont know what happen until so many sand wolf come from all ways , and just took 3 hour to defeat all the sand wolf .
    And now yarnaros have 2 artifacts .

    After continue exploring yarnaros and army stop at really big gate ,
    behind the door is a treasure room is really big , and in deep of room they all see big throne at room ,
    after searching in this room , finally yarnaros find last piece of artifacts Cloak Infernal Whisper behind the big throne , now the artifacts is complete , because there is no time yarnaros equip that artifact , after all artifacts equipped this room fill with gaia energy ,'DDDDRRRRAAAAA BOOOOOM' and finally that energy explode and yarnaros turn into dragon form , obviously this artifacts is curses after yarnaros feel the artifacts began to unite with her.
    Beside curses to be dragon , anyone who knows Yarnaros begin to forget himself , and he's losing control , yarnaros start attack random person in this room , no matter what anyone say yarnaros losses their feeling being human , now yarnaros completely be a dragon with human form or human with dragon form (its same lol xDDD) .
    After the incident Ozyman , now yarnaros exploring all the Midgrad land to find a choosen one that have blessing of gaia .

    IGN : iLay
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    Who win?


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    I will be announcing the winners soon

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    Time to know the winners!

    1. First Place goes to...
    Author: morrowr2
    Character: Hacker
    Story's Title: "Elizabeth's Unending Torment"
    Main Lead: Elizabeth

    2. Second Place goes to...
    Author: DscrystalEyes
    Character: JackCrystal
    Story's Title: "The Silent Lullaby"
    Main Lead: Freya

    3. Third Place goes to...
    Author: Tsunemori
    Character: _Tamira_
    Story's Title: That Snowy Night
    Main Lead: Alucard

    Raffle Winner:

    All the announced winners will have to contact me with the followin information:
    1- Character's nicknames, in case they aren't specified.
    2- Prizes of choice, in case selection is available.

    Thank you all for joining!

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