[Fan Fiction Contest]
One Hundred Tales
"... And when she got at the end of the book, she found the last three pages were missing. What could she do? She was eager to know the end of the story. Without those three pages, the story would be forever incomplete. Without those three pages, Aoandon would never arrive to the Human World..."

Nikki gathered in the bonfire, all her friends were surrounding her. One by one, every one of her friends readed at loud one page of the Ancient Book. Every page was a different story told, each one of them more scarier than the previous one. The scenery was perfect. Only the blue light of the latern illuminated their freightened faces. But when the ritual was almost over, they found the last three stories were missing from the Book of Spirits.

In order to complete the ritual, Nikki will need your help to tell the last three stories. Once all the Tales are finally spoken, Aoandon will come to this world to finally bring peace to all the Yokais that are wandering between the Human World and the World of Spirits. Aoandon will open the Spiritual Portal, to make every story come true. And Nikki will finally be able to walk around humans in Azuria.

Event Details:
- Choose an Eidolon as your leading-man in this story. Your Tale must be written from the eyes of the Eidolon.
- The Story must be related to the chosen Eidolon Background Story and/or personality. For instance, if you decide to write from Serena's point of view, you will tell a story about the Olympus from the Goddess childish point of view. If you choose to write from Blue Bird's point of view, it will be a Fairy Tale about the pursuit of hapyness.
- It must be a horror story. Since the Tales are meant to summon Aoandon we will be teling scary stories about the chosen Eidolons.
- Regardless of your chosen eidolon, in the story they can interact with other Gods, yourself, other players or NPCs.
- Your story must be posted on this thread before May 31.

Judgement Criteria:
- As usually in our story writting contests, we won't be judging grammar or structure.
- We will judge how entertaining and compelling your story is.
- We will judge the story's creativity and originality.
- Images can be added to illustrate the story tho they won't be considered in the judging process.
- Remember to make your story easy to read: long story without chapters, separations, titles or colors to make the follow up easier can become a true burden for the eyes of the reader.

We will select a total of 3 stories and 3 winners.
- First Place will receive x3 Keys of Gaia, One Eidolon Accessory and One Ring of Oath of an Eidolon of Own Selection.
- Second Place will receive x1 Nikki's Costume Set, plus x15 Advanced Costume Restructuring Potions.
- Third Place will receive x1 Golden Mount of own selection and x5 LV.3 Shining Mount Reshuffling Stones.

In addition, we will be raffling one LV.85 Boost Card among all the contestants to this event.