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    [Fan Fiction Contest] One Hundred Tales

    [Fan Fiction Contest]
    One Hundred Tales
    "... And when she got at the end of the book, she found the last three pages were missing. What could she do? She was eager to know the end of the story. Without those three pages, the story would be forever incomplete. Without those three pages, Aoandon would never arrive to the Human World..."

    Nikki gathered in the bonfire, all her friends were surrounding her. One by one, every one of her friends readed at loud one page of the Ancient Book. Every page was a different story told, each one of them more scarier than the previous one. The scenery was perfect. Only the blue light of the latern illuminated their freightened faces. But when the ritual was almost over, they found the last three stories were missing from the Book of Spirits.

    In order to complete the ritual, Nikki will need your help to tell the last three stories. Once all the Tales are finally spoken, Aoandon will come to this world to finally bring peace to all the Yokais that are wandering between the Human World and the World of Spirits. Aoandon will open the Spiritual Portal, to make every story come true. And Nikki will finally be able to walk around humans in Azuria.

    Event Details:
    - Choose an Eidolon as your leading-man in this story. Your Tale must be written from the eyes of the Eidolon.
    - The Story must be related to the chosen Eidolon Background Story and/or personality. For instance, if you decide to write from Serena's point of view, you will tell a story about the Olympus from the Goddess childish point of view. If you choose to write from Blue Bird's point of view, it will be a Fairy Tale about the pursuit of hapyness.
    - It must be a horror story. Since the Tales are meant to summon Aoandon we will be teling scary stories about the chosen Eidolons.
    - Regardless of your chosen eidolon, in the story they can interact with other Gods, yourself, other players or NPCs.
    - Your story must be posted on this thread before May 31.

    Judgement Criteria:
    - As usually in our story writting contests, we won't be judging grammar or structure.
    - We will judge how entertaining and compelling your story is.
    - We will judge the story's creativity and originality.
    - Images can be added to illustrate the story tho they won't be considered in the judging process.
    - Remember to make your story easy to read: long story without chapters, separations, titles or colors to make the follow up easier can become a true burden for the eyes of the reader.

    We will select a total of 3 stories and 3 winners.
    - First Place will receive x3 Keys of Gaia, One Eidolon Accessory and One Ring of Oath of an Eidolon of Own Selection.
    - Second Place will receive x1 Nikki's Costume Set, plus x15 Advanced Costume Restructuring Potions.
    - Third Place will receive x1 Golden Mount of own selection and x5 LV.3 Shining Mount Reshuffling Stones.

    In addition, we will be raffling one LV.85 Boost Card among all the contestants to this event.

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    Elizabeth's Unending Torment

    Chapter 1

    Elizabeth awoke, covered in sweat from her most recent nightmare. She hadnt slept well in weeks since the onset of her reoccuring nigtmares, constantly waking up in a state of panic, she awas almost too afraid to fall back asleep. Her parents, the king and queen, had brought many of the kingdom's finest doctors to try to help her condition. Poked and prodded, none of the doctors could end her torment and return to her past peaceful sleep. Even more urgent, her coronation day was fast upcoming, when she would accept the crown before all her people. She needed to look and feel her best on that day she would become queen.
    Rising out of bed, Elizabeth called for her servants, who quickly came in with fresh cloths and lenins to compensate for the night's nightmares. Surrounded by servants, Elizabeth was in a daze, still picturing the forest she was running through in her dream, eyes slowly closing and opening as the servants struggled to keep her on her feet. Only the sharp tug of her corset snapped her awake and lucid... for a little while longer atleast. Finishing getting dressed, she made her way to the banquet hall; there was much preperation to be done before her coronation and a little lost sleep would not interupt it.
    The great hall was filled to the brim with men, women, and children, all brought from local villages to serve the royal family. They bowed as Elizabeth entered, knowing should they not, she would order some form of punishment for them. She immediently started to work, directing servants to hang lights, place candles, move tables and all other forms of back breaking labor. She yelled at the cooks, the test cakes were not near fluffy enough; too dry; too wet; too fluffy. She couldnt believe how hard it was to plan a coronation, however she just blammed it on bad help. She worked the servants till dark, unaware of her ill temper which was brought about by the lack of pleasent sleep and stress from the coronation. However the servants certainly did notice.
    This process continued over the course of the next few days....

    Chapter 2

    Elizabeth was awoken by a suddent jolt, as though she was falling she felt as though she had seen a twisted, shadowy face in the distance. However, once she regained her wits, she realized that she had slept though the full night. Overjoyed at how rested she felt, jumped out of bed and ran to the window to take in the morning. She opened the window to see thick fog setting on the surrounding farms and woods, a sight which wasnt too unusual for her kingdom. As the brisk fresh air helped her awake, she realized what day it was, it was her coronation day! She thanked the stars she had slept well before hand and quickyl ran to the mirror to check herself. The bags under her eyes had vanished, and her hair gleamed golden like it used to.
    Sattified with herself, she called her servants to bring her the royal red ballgown she had meticuliously had prepared for this day. However, there was no response. She called again, and still no response. Starting to become angry, Elizabeth tossed a nearby antique vase that one of the servants must have placed near her bed the night before. Losing paticence and time, she decided she would have to get the gown herself... and find the guards to punish her lazy servants.
    Having only her nightgown, she snuck out into the hallway towards where her dresses should be kept. Luckily no one else is out to see me like this, she thought, as it wouldnt befit the new Queen. When she arrived to the room where she clothes were, she was astonished to find her speical ballgown had been ripped and strewn across the floor. When the shock of the sight settled in her mind, she noticed something even more horrifying. All of her dresses and clothes had been torn to pieces. Shock turned to sorrow which turned to anger. She stormed out of the room and towards the grand hall to confront the servants.
    As she entered the room, she froze. All of the servants, were assembled, staring at her. It was only at this moment did she realize the guards.... the guards were not at their posts. Behind the servants she noticed blood, and lots of it. Elizabeth spoke up, " I demand an explaination." To which the servants replied not in words, but rather by pulling out blood encrusted guard's weapons and holding them towards her.
    Elizabeth paniced, having only her night gown she fled from the room, the servants had risen up agaisnt the royalty.

    Chapter 3

    Elizabeth ran, and ran till her pampered body couldnt take it anymore. She stopped to rest near the secret exit to the castle; taking a few seconds to catch her breath. She was glad she had been smart enough to have the servants build this tunnel for times just like this.... wait... she had the servants build the tun... Just as she realized, she hard loud noises of an angry mob start making their way down the tunnel behind her. She breathed heabily then bolted out the secret exit near the castle outer all. Just as she did, she heard a scream. Looking upwards, she saw a falling figure and a sudden impact a few feet to her left. She screamed in horror as her father's mangled body appeared before her. The servants had thrown him from the ramparts, the gods only know what happened to her mother and little sister.
    She couldnt stop, not for ther father, not for anyone; the voices of the angry servants behind her. She ran from the castle and into the only place she thought she would be safe. The misty forest nearby.
    For hours she ran through the forest, hearing noises behind her she was too scared to stop. She had lost her direction hours ago, so for all she knew she could be going in circles. Suddenly stopping, she realized. This was exactly like her cosntant nightmare, running and running through dark forests lost being chased. Only when she realized this did she see it. The face which had woken her up this morning, floating in front of her in the mist. Startled, she fell backwards over some roots.
    The face then spoke to her, "Elizabeth, heir to the royal protonegy, I can sense your feelings. I can sense your fear, your anger, your despair. You freed me this morning from the prison I had been trapped in for centuries. I will give you but one chance, offer yourself to me and I shall give you immortality, else you will die at the hands of those lesser than you. "
    Elizabeth shocked, couldnt process what she was hearing. Yes, she was angry, her servants turned against her on her special day, not to mention her family was all assumed dead. She most certainly did not want to follow them. She wanted revenge, she wanted blood for the servants who had caused all these problems.

    Chapter 4 : Finale

    The misty face floated before Elizabeth, waiting for her to choose. Each second Elizabeth knew the servants were getting closer. No, there was no time, she had to act. "Yes, I Elizabeth first of my name will agree to your terms. Give me power to avenge my family and spill the blood of those dispicable servants. I do not wish to die quite yet."
    As she spoke the words, the face vanished and a cold wind started to blow. The mist suddently dropped and Eliabeth was hit by a painful shock and a red burst of light. She felt herself, however felt as though she was no longer able to move. She tried to look around, but could onyl see right ahead of her. Suddenly, she heard laughing.
    She realized after a few seconds that the laughing was her own laughter, however she was certain she wasnt laughing. Sensing the confusion in her mind, her body spoke, "Oh dear Elizabeth, I promised you power and now you have it. I promised you enternal life, and now you have it. You will see the blood of the servants who betrayed you, as well as alot more blood. After all, Im in control now and I havent gotten fresh blood in centuries. "
    Elizabeth hearing this tried to speak, "Wait, but I only want the blood of those who betrayed me, and what do you mean your in control now?" but nothing came out. Obviously whoever had taken over her body could hear her thoughts as they responded in her own voice, "You really should have thought about my deal more carefully. I need, no we, need blood for our immortality, so we will seek it out for eternity. And you, my cute little Elizabeth will be a passenger in this body for eternity. Dont worry, youll still see all the inncoents die, youll feel the breath leave their body, and youll hear their screams for mercy; you just wont be able to do anything about them. Do not worry though, youll learn to love it; not as though you have a choice."
    With that, they headed back towards the castle for what would be the start of an enternity of blood and death; Elizabeth would forever be a observer in her own body.

    IGN: Hacker
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    Bealdors Dark path

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    Ign: Anneliese
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    Anneliese & Eseilenna
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    That Snowy Night
    Ign: _Tamira_

    It was snowing. It fascinated me, how millions of minuscule snowflakes had laid a gentle white blanket all over Azuria in a single night. Setting Domesday down onto the swing next to where I was sitting, I got up and walked towards the gates of my Envoy Tamira’s estate. There were little children, ones of all races, playing together, their laughter reminding me of tinkling windchimes. I watched them, absorbed in the games they were playing, and somehow I couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like to spend your childhood amongst people who loved you, people who acknowledged your existence and cherished it from the depths of their hearts.
    I never knew any of that.
    I knew war. Bloodshed. Screams. Fires.
    I knew how to turn myself into an unfeeling killing machine, because all my childhood was spent by me repeating a single thought over and over again – kill or be killed.
    All of a sudden, the snow, Tamira’s estate, the children, their laughter... it all disappeared, and turning my head I could see the suffering of the people from my dimension. The dragons arched their necks and bellowed war cries as they mindlessly clawed at those creatures with the white wings, soaking the cracked earth with their blood. Fires blazed across the land, consuming angels and dragons alike in their gluttonous flames, leaving behind nothing but their screams of terror.
    I reached for Domesday, my better half, but it wasn’t there.
    I tried to move, but in vain.
    I tried to speak, to shout, but no words came out.
    Angels, hundreds of them, were swooping out of the blood-red sky, wrecking havoc over my clan, and all I could do was watch.
    I remember fighting alongside the dragons of my clan, how they hailed me as the harbringer of Doomsday. And, alongside those memories, I also remember a promise...
    That was when her voice rang out, clear and melodious, calling me.
    “Big brother?”
    My vision blacked out, and instinctively I reached out for support, surprised that I could move again.
    “Big brother? Where are you?”
    I could see again, and this time there were no angels, no dragons. It was only Tamira as a child, a little younger that Serif, gazing into my eyes.
    Just looking at her filled me with a warmth I sometimes forget I could feel.
    “Tamira...” I whispered.
    Her little face broke into a huge grin. “Big brother, is that you?”
    I remembered each and every reply I gave to her. Yes, it’s me, little one.
    “Tamira is very sad, big brother. You never answered any of my questions, did you?”
    Why don’t you ask me now?
    “Okay then.” She giggled and clapped her hands. “Why don’t you tell me... What is your name?”
    Alucard. My name is Alucard.
    “ Alucad. Is that right, big brother?”
    It sounds perfect.
    “Okay then!” She suddenly frowned. “Will you be leaving soon?”
    Maybe... I have work to do. But this is no place for a little girl like you.
    “I am here because you are here, big brother!” Her face lit up once again. “Tamira doesn’t care how scary it is...”
    Come with me, I’ll take you to a safer place.
    “You’ll take me somewhere? Like, an adventure? You’ll take Tamira on an adventure!” Tamira squealed with excitement.
    No, Tamira, this is not a game. You could get hurt!
    She looked at me, miffed. “But you said you’ll take me somewhere!”
    I had sighed inwardly.
    “I’ll come with you, only if you promise that you’ll take me on lots and lots of adventures."
    “Yes!” Tamira looked at the ground and suddenly gasped. “Big brother, do you not know what a promise is?”
    I know what a promise is, Tamira.
    “Then promise me that you would take me on adventures with you. Otherwise, I won’t budge.”
    I had tried to change the topic. Where are your parents, Tamira?
    “It ate them... She looked around her, and flames sprung up everywhere she turned to look. “That nasty fire ate my parents...” Saying that, she started to sob, and fat tears rolled down her cheeks. “Big brother, I don’t want it to get me too...”
    Don’t worry, little one. I’ll make sure nothing happens to you, but first you will have to let me take you to safety.
    “Do you remember what I said, big brother?”
    Alright, alright, I had said, laughing, I promise.
    “Do you really mean it?”
    Yes, I do.
    “Now Tamira will come with you!” she said gleefully and took my hand.
    I would never get tired of reliving this moment, of that little promise replaying itself in my head repeatedly.
    But the next part...
    I tried to close my eyes to shut it out, but I was merely a spectator to the horrors of my past unfolding before my eyes. So, I couldn’t.
    Standing there once again, rooted to one place, I helplessly watched an angel appear out of nowhere and throw a flaming spear at me.
    I helplessly watched as litle Tamira let go of my hand and threw herself in between me and the spear.
    Her last words still ring in my ears.
    “Will you remember me, big brother?” she had said, a pained smile on the little girl’s face.
    And with that she had drifted off into oblivion, just as the whole place burst into flames.


    As if on cue, a myriad of emotions flooded me, the very same ones which had once compelled me to go on a seemingly endless search from dimension to dimension, slicing through space and time as I tried to find her incarnation. I wanted to apologise for not being able to save her, I wanted to fulfill that promise I made to her.
    I wanted to start over.
    A multitude of faces and many years passed before my eyes, but that lingering despair was always there...
    My eyes flew open. I hadn’t even noticed that they were closed.
    The gate was there once again, the children, the estate, the chilling breeze and the snow. And, alongside them, a woman with tan skin and long, silver hair stood beside me.
    “You’re deathly cold, Alucard. Are you okay?”
    Tamira took my hands in hers and peered at me closely, her amethyst eyes filled with concern.
    “I’m fine,” I managed to say. She was the one person whom I cared for the most, and I didn’t want to burden her with anything. “Let’s get inside.”
    “Right.” Tamira slowly walked back inside the house, and after retrieving Domesday I followed suit. Turning back one last time, I gazed up at the sky full of stormclouds, and I realized that till date I never found out when the laughter in my life had faded away.

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    Once a part of royal family, some of you may have guessed already who I am by now, if not, let me bless you with some more hints. I was picked to be the next that shall possess the throne, the unlimited power to rule was my heritage given by bloodline. I could feel how close it was, such feeling was embracing my whole body and soul. Existence of someone "better" than me was unacceptable. These peasants thought im overconfident, how foolish of them! As my date of coronation draws near... something unimaginable happens.

    These days will always haunt me in my dreams, I was woken up in the middle of the night, by sudden rain, as a kid I was horrified by darkness in our castle, only few candles filled up the long corridors, filled up with ancient portraits of our nearly everlasting family. However that night was different, and odd to some extent. I felt as my mind was pulled into the darkness, filling up my thoughts with whispers encouraging me to enter the void. I was feeling weak, unable to resist, i stood up from my bed, looking around i noticed my door half-open. My heart was racing, as i understood the whispers were coming from the corridor. For few minutes i was just standing, listening to these voices, then I calmed myself, picked up nearest candle and started moving towards the door. The whispers turned soo silent, that I was barely able to hear them. I swiftly looked at my bed, with certain thought to come back to it.. yet i was unable to do it. This.. dark void had such strong impact on both my body and soul, nearly restricting me from thinking about any other thing. For a second i thought i saw a black mist looking at me from my bed, but swiftly wiping my eyes, made it go away. I finally opened the door. My eyes saw nothing but black mass in front of me, even the rain stopped.

    As i entered the corridor there was nothing but silence. My candle was barely able to fight off the darkness near me, as it lightly lit up the walls with rich ornaments and decorations, as well as these paintings, fear has finally left me, but few questions remained... pure curiosity was keeping me awake, why i heard these whispers, and what caused them? Was it only my imagination? These are only two of many questions, as dumb as it seemed i slowly started moving forward, looking for traces of these voices, with nothing but darkness and a small fire from the candle that kept me company. The more i walked through these never ending lines of corridors, the more uneasy i started to feel. I was looking on the walls, being surrounded with paitings of royal family members i started to feel watched. And again whispers started to emerge from the night, but now, they were silently calling my name. Each one of them with different tone and filled with different emotions.

    Their calls were broken by sudden woman chuckle, it resounded through the castle, making me feel like it was right behind me, i turned, yet found nothing there, only the sight i was looking at for most of the night... total darkness. What caught my eye, was the fact there were no trace of any living thing in the building, even my family, no one was woken up, only i felt chosen by that "thing". I took course towards my parents room. I stood there looking at the end of corridor, as i focused my eyes more and more, i noticed a figure at first i felt terrified, the figure started waving to me, suddenly all the fear was gone because it turned out to be one of our butler. At first i asked myself what he was doing here in the middle of the night, but i started to question him about unusual happenings. Although he knew nothing, he wasn't as talkative as usual, he was distraught, giving simple answers. As our dialogue progressed, something terryfing was caught in the corner of my eye, this black mist, was floating in the corner of the window, same thing i thought i saw on my bed. Fear engulfed me, i closed my eyes for few seconds as our butler was speaking, however the figure didn‘t leave my sight, in fact it grew stronger, it's presence was putting more and more anxiety on me. I asked him to turn around and tell me if he sees that black cloud, unfortunately, his reply was "No". Yet something awoken in the butler, making him look oddly at me, like on someone crazy, he started to move away, as i tried to catch him by the hand, i fell down, and he disappeared in the darkness. That was the moment of my realization... that all the time he was a ghost, thoughts came rushing to my head, where i really am? Why is this happening? At that moment i felt nothing other than despair.

    I started to feel lost, I just wanted this nightmare to be over, as my mind was filling up with darkened emotions... I heard it again, the same chuckle, yet it was clearly hearable, I looked up, at the other side of the corridor... That mist was there, only thing i could see, were it's eyes, because when i fell down my candle went out. A calm yet horrifying woman voice spoke to me, encouraging me to "let her in". Inside i was refusing, but outside i saw it slowly getting closer, fear paralyzed my whole body. It's voice... i was able to recognize screams accompanied calls for me. Finally the time came, it stood right in front of me, looking at me dead in the eyes. It's words filling whole corridor, i felt surrounded, my defenses were falling, sanity turned into insanity... Suddenly i noticed a sharp and icy cold pain on my neck. It was soo strong that i collapsed, at the last moment before i closed my eyes, i heard a laugh, and a promise that everlasting power will be granted for me. While opening my eyes i had a weird sensation, like my head was ten times heavier, i slowly turned it, this movement gave me instant regrets.

    I was presented with a bloody sight, there was a severed head, right next to me, i jumped and screamed, swiftly looking around i saw it standing still, few steps across the room, i was standing in front of the door, it wasnt surprise for me that they were locked, i was alone with It in a large bedroom. Voices started to speak in my head again as i felt the need to attack, and show the power of our family. After such a long night i couldn‘t succumb to this nightmare i had to fight back, the promises of this thing were false, i saw an enemy in it, an obstacle to my seat of power in this land. I picked nearest sharp object... and assaulted this mist relentlessly. All i was receiving was simple laugh, yet i didn‘t stopped my onslaught. After long while i got tired... and stared at that creature, in the same position that i stood here few minutes ago filled with fear. It finally spoke, that she will show me what i did. Once i blinked, a completely new scene was in my sight, a scene soo bloody that i screamed. My parents were dead, lying on the floor, blood dripping from the ceiling, everything was a mess. I dashed out of the room and stared running towards the exit of the whole castle. The door was closed again, making me unable to leave.

    My head was a battlefield of anger and despair. Then i saw it again, on top of the stairs, laughing at me. It somehow knew i want the power, my deep thirst for it.. How could it know? It didn‘t matter, because i was paralyzed again, it moved in front of me again, started speaking about a pact... all i could say was the silent scream of question "who are you?" The reply made me shocked it simply said "Your deepest desires my dear..." i looked straight at it, and saw my reflection covered in blood. I felt like the darkest things invaded both my body and soul, pain was unbearable. The room also changed...the same sight greeted my eyes, blood everywhere, on the ceiling, on the walls, and dripping down the stairs, as that mist that supposedly was me.. started embracing my body, that was causing the pain. Once everything was over, i felt refreshed, yet different, that sight didn‘t scare me anymore, it became appealing. The hunger emerged, yet it wasn‘t usual... It was a thirst for blood, fresh and clean. I explored the house again, the horrific images weren‘t my dreams... it was all reality, as it turned out, i was the monster which brought death upon this home, a creature of the night that signed pact of blood, with my own desire for power.

    IGN: Lilliame
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    Lightbulb [B][U]Morrigan's Nightmare[/"U][/B]

    Morrigan ~ Nightmare

    One day at midnight I decided to invade a envoy of gaia dreams called Sanosuke to make him mine...
    In his dream has a lot of different type of creatures in which he fight...
    When he finally finished her fight, it's my time to attack...
    Then I came slowly to his ears, and I called him by name...

    Sanosuke... I'm here to calm down your heart...
    You can lie on my lap and rest...

    He smelled so good...
    It was as if I was on a spell...
    And then he said...

    "You are beatifoul like a goddess!"...
    "This can not be possible"...
    "I'm dreaming"...

    From this moment I felt forced to use my spells...
    I tryed *Charming Sweetheart* to stun her eyes on me...
    But he still knows...
    So I've used my spell called *Enchanting Night Dance* to make me immune...
    But I do not think it worked...
    What is he saying?...

    Certainly I'm dreaming...
    You must be the famous goddess Night Dreamer...
    What's your name? I'll never fall in your charm...

    I'm so confused...
    I'm here to cheer on you ♥...

    "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?"...

    Kyaaaa... I'm Morrigan the Night Dreamer Goddess ♥...
    Just stay quiet and let me do my job ♥...

    From the moment I know I'm dreaming, I have control over everything that happens here...
    And that includes you, of course...

    So I started to thinking to myself...
    Nothing seemed good enough...
    What do I do know?
    Is this my worst nightmare?
    That's when he said...

    I liked you, and I have an offer...
    We both left this nightmare, and then you by my side...
    Helping me in my adventure...
    What do you say?...

    It was then that everything ended...
    In the end who ended up falling in the charm was me..
    I could not have said anything else...


    Now, I just want to live this nightmare with him forever...
    Or maybe it would be a dream?

    Thanks for Reading ♥

    IGN: Sanosuke

    Edit¹: Photo taken by google.
    Edit²: I had help from google translate to "try" write corretly.
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    One Hundred Tales: Silent Lullaby

    IGN: JackCrystal

    One Hundred Tales: The Silent Lullaby

    Eidolon: Freya (Harmonia)

    Click >HERE< To Read

    Best of luck to everyone joining in the event!

    Just in case~~

    Chapter 1: HERE
    Music theme: HERE

    Chapter 2: HERE
    Music theme: HERE

    Chapter 3: HERE
    Music theme: HERE
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    JackCrystal lv 82 Tachi/Gunslinger

    There's much to talk about. Sit.

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    Grimm's Eyes

    From the day I met my Master, I knew that my life would be full of adventures.
    - Grimm?

    It was my Master calling me the day we met, Gaia said that I was the best company for her and that she needed me at her side. So I agreed, and from that moment I accompanied her on her adventure around the world. Her name? Tenebras.

    She is a very powerful wizard, I remember when she told me how she learned to use magic so masterfully. I was impressed, she had found a treasure that taught her everything necessary to control the elements, her favorite is fire, maybe that's why we got along from the beginning, I'm also capable of cast fireballs like her. Now that I've seen her skills in action, I have no doubt that she is the person I want to follow.

    She is very kind, the care that she has given me since she welcomed me as her companion have no equal. Throughout these years, we have observed how other Envoys of Gaia substituted their Eidolons for not being powerful enough. But Tenebras was not like that, we were always together and it had never occurred to her to replace me with another Eidolon, I feel very happy to be by her side, I would even give my life for my Master.

    However, some time ago I have noticed more and more indifference towards me, what was happening in his mind and why did not she tell me? I have been her partner for 6 years, she should have enough confidence to tell me about her problems.
    - Master, You seem a bit distant lately. Is something wrong?
    - ...
    - Master, Did I disappoint you? If so, I will try to do better.
    - ...
    - Master... Am I... am I too weak to be your partner?
    - ...
    - Master... Are you starting to dislike me?
    - ...
    - Come on, don't ignore me...
    - ...
    - If you don't need me, please don't summon me...
    - Grimm...
    - Master Tenebras?
    - Do you want to summon a ghost?

    Summon a ghost, I know Tenebras and I know that sometimes she can be a bit scary, but invoking a ghost is something I had never heard her say. How exciting!

    It has gone dark and we have begun the ritual of invocation, my Master was sitting on a shore, and as she clasps his hands, she suddenly invokes 99 souls around the circle of candles, they were the souls of the people we had defeated on our trip... Why 99? Why had my Master saved those souls? And... Why was I inside the circle?

    - Are you ready Grimm?
    - Don't worry about my feelings. Just do what you want to do.

    My Master was sacrificing me... in the end... all the Envoys are equal, they substitute their starting Eidolon for not being strong enough and look for those with whom they can acquire greater power... Gaia... Are we really on the side of the good guys? If so... Why do they dismiss us as if we were mere tools?... Why do they abandon us?... Why do they sacrifice us?

    Master Tenebras, I thought you were different... but all this time I was always another tool to achieve your goal of getting a stronger Eidolon. I really hate you...

    - ... I'm so sorry Grimm... It is not easy for me either, but this is necessary if we want to save the world. I lied to you about the invocation so you would not die with negatives feelings... at least I hope so... goodbye, my little friend...
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