RNG Week: Ruby Coins Sale!
On May 17th, our Paragon Table is turning into one of the most coveted editions in Azuria: A Consumables Paragon. It will be filled with useful items designed to improve your gaming life. And between all those useful consumables, you will also find a news-worthy promotion: 50% sale in ruby coins, so you can actually gather and hoard all those items for your future!

PvE fan? Of course you are, since you are playing Aura Kingdom. But griding can feel as a burden without some extra help. Reason why in this week's special promotion, we are decided to give you all the wonderful tools you need to increase your level, inventory and fortune. This week's Paragon Table will change on Thursday (May 17th) like it usually does. And you can believe it will be filled with goodies!

- Recast Shards, 110% and 115% Stones.
- Advanced Secret Stones Rerolls.
- Advanced Costume Restructuring Solutions.
- 1*, 2* and 3* Fusion Stones.
- 5-Slot, 10-Slot, 15-Slot and 20-Slot Backpacks.
- 7-Day, 24 hours exp crystals.
- XP Cards and Advanced XP Cards.
- 1day Sprites and Pink Sprites.
- 1day Treasure Charms.
- Normal, Intermediate, Advanced, Premium and Superior Treasure Charms.
- Chocolate Buffs.
- Speed of Light (+MOV SPD for 1 month)
- Superior Fortification Scrolls and Superior Transfer Scrolls.

And all of these goodies will be much easier to get, since from May 17th to May 24th we will have a special 50% discount in Ruby Coins bundles, in both AP and LP Stores. The discount will be applied as soon the Paragon Table changes (around 4:30 pm -server time-) and it will last until our Server Maintenance on next thursday.