Bonus Mall Promotions: May
Asian Edition
May is turning on the nostalgia with the most melancholic Yokai of all Japan. Things will turn blue in our Bonus Mall Store, with the release of a dangerous ghost that in all true, all she really wants is to hear your story. She might make your dreams come true with her powerful skills, but she will be a materialized nightmare for all your enemies.

Eidolon Release: Aoandon

"This the night of One Hundred Tales..."

Don't be mistaken but her beauty, by her innocent and melancholic appearance. Aoandon might look as a wandering spirit, a sweet yokai eager for human contact. She will gather next to the bonfire to listen every of your stories, even if you can't see her. She will treat every one of your words with respect, patience and calmness. She might even look sympatethic, or genunely scared of your horror story. She will enjoy the company of the childen surrounding her, and the blue incandescent light of the laterns in their hands...

But what Aoandon truly enjoys, is the smell of fear. The sound of their freightened voices and the subtle whispers of the audience. She will charish every horror story like air for her damned soul. And once the One Hundred Tale is told, she will make the One Hundred and One her own story. She will make a material appearance for all the gathered ones. And she will turn every one of their scary stories into reality, every one of those One Hundred Nightmares will come true.

As blue as she might look, Aoandon has plenty of fire inside her. She will increase the Fire Skills DMG by 10%, and purge all the negative status of the beholder. She will also decrease your target's DMG and your own DMG taken, making you as immortal as she is.

Asian Promotions:
This gorgeous Yokai will need the company of other ghosts to make her existance complete. Reason why she will be coming to the Bonus Mall with the exclusive release of Nikki's Costume Set, plus her key of gaia and fragments. Luxury Kimonos and asian-inspired clothing will complete this Bonus Mall Edition with beautiful fans and accessories, so you are truly ready for Aoandon's Blue Latern Festival!

The new promotions will be available from May 4th to June 1st.