Paragon Table Change on May 10: Good vs Evil Edition.

Available for one week, from May 10 to May 17th. Light and Dark forces are in a constant battle in the world of Azuria. If you have a hard time deciding on which side are you on, maybe you don't have to! On this week's Paragon Edition, Good and Evil will clash giving you the opportunity to play both sides.

- Michael's Costume release on the Paragon Table.
- New Wings Release: Dark and Light Fantasy.
- Michael's Key of Gaia, Fragments and Accessory.
- Angel and Dark Feather Blades.
- Premium Back Enchantment Cards.
- Lucifer and Eirenne's Key Fragments.
- Angel and Purgatory Brooms; Divine and Night Feathers.
- Godly and Dark Angel Wings; Seraphim and Lucifer Wings.
And Much More!

New Promotions:
Promotions will be added and available from May 11 to May 18th (around 6pm -server time-).

Ancient Guardians in the AP Store
The Ancient Asian Guardians will be joining forces to bring peace to the world of Azuria. Regardless of their beautiful complexion, be careful with these dangerous ancient spirits. Seyriuu will be making her debut in the AP Store together with her Eidolon Accessory. Byakko and Vermillion's Keys of Gaia and Fragments will also be in store. Asian inspired items will close this wonderful one-week duration promo.

Bloody Succubus in the LP Store
Elizabeth will be making her debut in the LP Store, together with her Eidolon Accessory. The LP Store will be going into a very dark theme, and hell itself will set loose in the world of Azuria. Dark Costumes and Mounts will complete this promotion.

Double EXP Event will end on May 11, around 6pm (server time).