Server Maintenance on April 27th.
Aprox Duration: Maintenance will last between 1 and 2 hours.

Patch Notes:
- New Content: SLV.1 Purple PvP Gear: The new armor sets for SLV.1+ Players has been added to Dickie's shop.
- New Guild Features:
1) Guild Wars: This brand new and exciting PvP mode will take place every Saturday and Sunday in four different schedules. In order to start, the match will need a minimum of 5 registered guilds. Guild members can join the match with 1 to 10 players and in order to win the competition, they will have to take over the spawning Towers inside the map. Other guilds will try to take over from you every one of the 5 Towers that spawn inside, and at the end of the competition (that lasts about 20 minutes) every guild member that participated will win a total number of Guild Coins according to towers they won and people they killed inside.

Guild Wars will take place on Saturday's and Sunday's at 6am, 12pm, 6pm and 11pm.

2) Guild Mechanics Changes: New Privileges to Vice Leaders. Green Colored Names to Guildies in the same map. New Requirements for Guild Blessings: 5 Online Players, 15 Online Players, 20 Online Players and 30 Online Players.
3) New Lvl. 80 Summoning Stones and New Banquet Feasts: Including new drops from bosses and new buffs from the three different new banquets.
4) New Wishing Fountain: The three versions of this pricey new feature will be available in the Rental Tab, and the Guild Funds you can win during Guild Wars will help greatly to rent your very own Wishing Fountain for your Guild Hall. The Wishing Fountain works like a small Wheel of Fortune and can be used once a day by every player of the Guild. The Prizes will change regarding which version of the Wishing Fountain you rent, but you can find things of the following nature:

- New LvL 80 Summoning Stone and New Banquets Items.
- Basic/Advanced and Superior Versions of the following bags:
Randomizer Wish (Mounts Reshuffle Stones 1*,2*,3*, Recast Stones, and even SLV.1 and SLV.5 Restructuring Potions in the Superior Version)
Strength Wish (Advanced and Superior Fortification Scrolls, and even 30th order Scrolls in the Superior Version)
Coin Wish (Valor, War Coins, Nightmare Coins, Loyalty and Ruby Coins)
Blessing Wish (Including Nightmare Buffs, Candies, and even Long lasting Foods in the Superior Version)
Charming Wsh (Treasure Charms, including 1-Day Premium and Superior in the Superior Version)
Gearing Wish (Upgrade Items, including 5* equipment fusion stones and 130% forging scrolls in the Superior Version)
Experience Wish (Experience Boost Cards and Stars, including 14 Days and 30 Days Sprites in the Superior Version)
Space Wish (Inventory Slots and Fusion Scrolls, includong 20th slots backpacks in the Superior Version)
Grinding Wish Bag (HP Potions, Cards, Angel Feathers, Megaphones and other grinding consumables)
Loyalty Wish (Several kind of LP tickets)
Shining Wish (Eidolon Rerolls, Stamina Potions, and even LV.85 Boost Cards in the Superior Version)

5) New PvP Schedules: Besides the addition of Guild Wars on the Weekends, we have changed the schedule for Centurion Battlefield and Valley fo Wars to the following:
Centurion Battlefield on Tuesday and Thursdays, at 8am and 8pm.
Valley of War on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, at 8am and 8pm.

New Paragon Table: Sweet Tooth Edition
Available for six days, from April 27 to May 3rd. On this edition of our Paragon Table, we bring you a wonderful recipe for the perfect look!
- Waiter Costumes.
- Cooking Costumes.
- New Kitty Dessert Shurikens.
- Sweet Inspired Costume Weapons: Spoons, Forks and more!
- Different Type of Maid/Butler inspired Costumes.
And Much More!

New Promotions: Story Telling Edition
Idunn in the LP Store:
The mythical Goddess of Life will appear in the LP Store to tell you a story about Nature and Love. Her Key of Gaia and Fragments will be available together with her Costume and Staff. Plus, she will be in the company of other adorable Eidolons and surrounded by all kind of adorable creatures, including mounts, accesories and more.

Blue Bird in the AP Store:
Blue Bird will tell us a different story, a Tale of Happiness, of Luxury and Royalty. She will be available in the AP Store, together with her Costume, Key Fragments and Accesory. Plus, she will be in the company of luxury mounts and gorgeous ornaments.

Promotions will be available for one week, from April 27 to May 4.

On a side note, please do remember the BP Shop and the Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards will change next week.