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Thread: High HP

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    High HP

    I see a lot of people using full DMG sets Lvl80-90 and keeping 300k+ life
    So how do you increase your HP that much when your entire Armor set doesnt give any flat HP or %HP.
    I'm current have 145k HP with my Ninja lvl 87, using a lvl 85 Defense Armor set (That gives me most of my HP), 30 pts in HP Weapon Mastery, some HP nodes Envoy path etc.

    My damage is okay. but my CritDMG is very low. I would have more critDMG with a lvl 80 DMGset but thats drop my HP to around 80-90k.

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    Fortifying you accessories and trophies gives you a lot of HP (aka, +30 your accs!).
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    Fortifying Accessories, Trophies, starring armor, using a subweapon that has HP as a stat, etc.

    It also depends on class because Envoy/Weapon Spec plays a pretty big role in how much HP you have (because hp% boosters) as well as class weapons as not all weapons give hp (lvl 80 weapons with hp give 3700-4800 hp which is a lot).

    Shuriken has - No hp from Envoy (max 1-5%, I think), No hp from Weapon Spec passive (besides 30/30 hp I mean), and no HP on weapon (and no HP% on weapon fort).

    So yeah your HP will be lower than say, Holy Sword or Necromancer.

    But every class gets high hp from high fort Acc/Trophy so just do those.


    Also make sure you're using the right trophies - Guzigla's Tooth and Law of Past & Future are the best trophies from level 70 to 94. Both give HP.
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