Hello Envoys!
Today we will have to perform a quick server maintenance to fix a few issues, some of them related to this week's maintenance.
The fixed bugs are the following:

- Fixes to skills: Purple Lightning, Lightning Strike, Raging Slash, Fireball and Meteor Shot (for Duelist, Katar, Ravager and Wizard).

These skills weren't working as intended and they have been previously reported. After tracking down reasons related to the latest Channel Crashes, we have found these errors were related to them. Thankfully after this quick maintenance, the situation will be more stable and you won't get randomly disconnected/DC from channels.

- Fixes to Time Library Nightmare Floor 13: We have fix the problem with the non-disappearing NPC that was causing that floor 13 could be repeated endlessly.

- Fixes to Time Library Nightmare Floor 13,14 and 15 Drop: The statues has been replaced for the correspondant Golden Special Masteries that will be dropping on those floors. In case the overall drop still needs to be review, we will implement further changes next week. We also plan to do some modifications in Floor 13, 14 and 15 overall stats of Bosses since as we have been told, the difficulty for these floors right now makes finishing quite a complex and time consuming task.

The restart/maintenance will not be long and take, as top, 45 minutes/1 hour. We appreciate everyone's patience on the matter, it is important we perform this quick fix to avoid any crashes during ST times this weekend.