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    thanks for cool update Aura~♥ hmmm guild war? *knock knock* hello Crusader and lancer

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    Quote Originally Posted by 08808802 View Post
    I long for experience to double. I did not see it within 2 months. But thank you for your update
    We had a double exp event during all february's month. It ended on March 1st.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aura View Post
    We had a double exp event during all february's month. It ended on March 1st.
    What kind of golden masteries will drop out of 13-15F?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CursedArrow View Post
    What kind of golden masteries will drop out of 13-15F?
    quite sure that rethoric one :thinking:

    Thank you or the updates Aura and dev! ♥ michelle's hair yay!

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    Damn guild wars soontm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewel View Post
    Guild wars hmmmm =w=
    What you're going to do?
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    hoping for smoother gameplay, and no more massive lags/delays after this maint

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anneliese View Post
    What you're going to do?
    See if I can actually do guild wars with a potato pc. Then see who else can do GW with their potato pcs. o3oV

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    interesting, thanks for the update Aura / Dev.

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    Thank you Aura and Devs ...
    it is nice new players will get eidolons
    and Michael's costume and hair so adorable

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