Server Maintenance on April 12th.
Starting Time: Maintenance will start between 7pm and 10pm (server time)
Aprox Duration: Maintenance will last between 1 and 2 hours.

Patch Notes:
- Fixes to Doom Dragon: Model has been corrected.
- Fixes to Sky Tower Hell Bags: The empty bags has been fixed. You might still not be able to preview the items, but the bag will give you the reward after opening.
- New Time Library Nightmare Floors: Floor 13, 14 and 15 has been added to the Time Library Nightmare Dungeon. These new floors will indeed be a challenge to complete, regardless, the reward will certainly be worthy. Recast stones, recast stone shards, golden masteries, consumables, nightmare coins, and tons of loyalty to gather!
- Several Translations added.

Mall Promotions: Eidolon Week!
If you are a fan of gathering Gods, this week will feel like a true blessing. Cause all of our weekly promotions will be eidolon devoted, and will give you the opportunity to equip, level up, gather new eidolons and dress up like them too!

New Paragon Table: Eidolon Edition
Available for one week, from April 12 to April 19. Eidolon Collectos, beware! On this week's Paragon Table, you will be able to get all kind of Eidolon Fragments and Eidolon Accessories. If you are missing a God in your collection, this will certainly be an unique opportunity!
- Ring of Oath.
- Eidolon's 1*,2*,3* and 4* Reshuffle Scrolls.
- Eidolon Dazzling Crystals.
- Several Eidolon Accesories: Elizabeth, Nidhogg, Murasame, New Year Murasame, Holy Tyr, Blessed Fenrir, Hebe, Demeter, Venus, Eirenne, Won and Nikki.
- Elizabeth's, Nidhogg's, Murasame's, New Murasame's, Holy Tyr's, Blessed Fenrir's, Hebe's, Demeter's, Venus's, Eirenne's, Won's, Nikki's, Medjed's, Lucifer's, Endora's and Undine's Key Fragments.

New Promotions:
Eidolon Fashion in the AP and LP Store:
With the much awaited release of Michael's gorgeous sacred armor and hairstyle, both stores will be filled with good looking and and precious clothes inspired by everyone's favorite Eidolons. Accesories, Costume Weapons and even Ornaments will also be included in this special weekly promotion, to make you look more than ever like your Eidolon.

Angel Inspired Edition in the AP Store:
Michael's release can't go unnnoticed: to complete the angelic look, we will release two brand new costume weapons. Other costume weapons, ornaments, accesories and Michael's Key of Gaia will complete this angelic looking edition of our AP weekly Hot Items.

Eidolon Gathering in the AP and LP Store:
People think they have been forgotten. Regardless, no God in this world has turned into Oblivion. If you are a new player or you had for a very long time that missing companion in your collection, now you will finally put your worries to rest. Cause in this week's special Eidolon Rampage, we will also release the Keys of Gaia in the AP and LP Store of long forgotten eidolons. Is it Serena, Endora, Astraea, Vermillion or Higa the one you are missing? Is it Tsubaki, Cleopawtra, Rhodri, or maybe Uriel? Finally, you will be able to put your hands on them!

Promotions will be available for one week, from April 13 to April 20.

Future Releases: After today's maintenance, we will start working in a quite exciting new feature to bring to the game. It will take us some time to get it ready, and we might even need your help to test it before is ready for implementation. So we will ask for your patience while we work on this content.

The following week's maintenance will focus on technical issues, items additions and bug fixes, but there will be no new content until the new feature we are working on is ready. When it finally is, we will welcome the introduction of Guild Wars to the game.

A few special notes: Guild Wars has been recently introduced to the game and work as a sort of tournament between different Guilds. We plan to add this feature on the weekends and it will come Valley's time slot. When the feature is finally released, Valley will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays in Centurion's timeslot. Centurion will remain on the same timeslot on Tuesdays and Thursdays.