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    New Astral Puzzle [Sweet Home Edition]
    Available for six days, until April 12. If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for the perfect opportunity to satisfy your dessert desires, this sweet home made Puzzle will give you a sugar rush.
    - Release of new female costume: Kitty Cooking Uniform.
    - Release of two brand new costume weapons: Dessert Fork and Sweet Pie Fork. Available for swordmaster, mage, berseker and dragonknight.
    - Cake Roll Forks and Bunny Lollipops.
    - Maid Costumes: House on the Prairie, Foxy Maid and Bunny Maid.
    - Sweet Costumes: Magic Chocolate and Dessert Dress.
    - Sweet Senshis: GoGo, Shirley and Cherry Senshi Contracts.
    - Sweet Senshi Costumes: GoGo and Belle's Costume Sets.
    - Sweet Accesories and Costume Weapons: Lollipops, Corn and Home Made Cookies.
    - Sweet Furnitures: Mushroom Fridge, Bakery Kitchen and Bar.

    New AP and LP Promotions:
    Availables for seven days, from March 6th to March 13.

    - AP Store and Loyalty Store Sweet Spring Edition
    Sweet like honey itself, the gorgeous and royal Amber will be making his debut into the Loyalty Store. He will be in the lovely company of royal looking mounts and majestic looking costume sets. Princes and Princesses will make the world of Azuria look the most stylish and elegant that it ever was.

    The AP Store will be a sweet itself but with a different vibe. With the brand new release of two new mounts, our store will get filled by the most adorable creatures of all Meridia. Animal inspired costume weapons, costumes, ornaments and accesories will complete this wild yet lovely collection.

    New Bonus Mall Promotions
    Are you ready to meet the last Galaxy Guardian? Our Bonus Mall will be filled this month with the three stars on the deep space: Chronos, the Goddess of Time and Alythia, the Goddess of Destiny will have their contracts available through all April. And the brand new addition to this two sisters will be joining us aswell: The release of the Moon Goddess, the Goddess of Knowledge and the Goddess of Luck, the playful Charlotte.

    Charlotte is a fun and joyful senshi and, unlikely her sisters, she enjoys to leave everything to luck. Devoted to her magic tricks and her cards game, every attack with her will feel like a gamble. She will join the Bonus Mall with galaxy-like items, including moon mounts, costume weapons and ornaments.

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    Thank you Aura! And what about The World/Guild/Solo hunt's rewards? The monster list was changed but the rewards weren't changed from last month.

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    客服訊息 耀彩春姬-杏

    what happened to this Senshi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zefie View Post
    what happened to this Senshi?
    I'm sure it's in the same place as this ఠ_ఠ

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    Ohh finally gone bot
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