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    Category: Digital
    IGN: quinn

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    After long discussion and hard decision, I hereby announce the winners of this contest.

    Digital Category's Winner
    IGN: Red_

    Quote Originally Posted by Alaskae View Post
    IGN: Red_
    Category: Digital

    good luck to everyone \o/

    Digital Category's Runner Up
    IGN: Bunnyyy

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunnyyyy View Post
    IGN: Bunnyyy
    Category: Digital

    Digital Category's Honorable Mention
    IGN: Babadook

    We're all agreed, this is the best punchline entry this far. You will receive Ruby Coins x1 !

    Quote Originally Posted by Bichuuu View Post
    IGN Babadook

    Category Digital

    Traditional Category's Winner
    IGN: Nier

    Quote Originally Posted by yuunistar View Post
    Category: Traditional
    IGN: Nier
    Tools: Egg, Acrylic paint, markers, ink

    Decided to try painting an egg! Curved surfaces were a lot harder to paint than I thought :0

    Traditional Category's Runner Up
    IGN: Fukkat

    Quote Originally Posted by LastDoll View Post
    So here is my entry, I tried my best hope you enjoy it :3
    Characters (and one object) in the draw :
    - Serena's Bunny
    - Alice's Cheshire
    - Cesela's Bunny
    - One of Medjed's Minion
    - Serena's 3 Star Moon

    IGN : Fukkat
    Category : Traditional
    Tools used : Creativity , ProMarkers, Faber-Castell XS/S/F/M and a White pen

    Digital Category's Honorable Mention
    IGN: Nekonyancer

    We love the traditional Easter egg decoration you did, it brings us back to childhood again! You will receive Ruby Coins x 6000 !

    Quote Originally Posted by Nekonyancer View Post
    My little tribute to the contest. Had quite a lot of fun making them. Happy late Easter!

    IGN: Nekonyancer
    Category: Traditional
    Tools: Eggs (duh), pens, paper, the obvious stuff you can see.

    Congratulations to the Winners and Runner Ups! Please do contact me with your prizes of choice!

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