Easter noooo, it's a disaster!!!
I supposed to decorate the Navea with eggs, but I forgot to do my preparation!
I don't have enough decorated eggs to spread around Navea for Easter!
Perhaps you can help me in my mission to spread the Easter spirit?
(and making the best Lagvea ever)

[Forum Event]
Decorate Easter Eggs!
29th March 2018 - 5th April 2018, 11:59 PM Server Time

♥ Decorate an Easter Egg for me, I'll provide the egg template. You can draw over the template, print it out and do traditional drawing, edit screenshots over the eggs, you can even boil a real egg and decorate it!

♥ There will be two categories: digital and traditional.

♥ Digital: consist of digital drawing, edited screenshots, digital manipulation. There is no restriction, feel free to go ham. If you're using outside resource, please credit the author.

♥ Traditional: consist of traditional drawing on paper, unconventional media, mixed traditional media, boil an egg and decorate, bake an egg-shaped cheesecake and draw on it (send me the cake if you did, just kidding). Anything that suits your creativity. Please write down the tools of trade you use during the process.

♥ The decoration must be AK themed.

♥ Don't forget to write down your name and the category you're participating!

♥ Egg Template: [Click Here]

Each participants will receive participation prize:Playful Bunny Egg Head Costume & Lollieggpop

We'll have 2 winners (a winner, and a runner up) from each category, giving a total of 4 winners. The winner is allowed to take 2 packs from the provided list below, while the runner up is allowed to take 1 packs. What's in the list you asked? Here it is!

Pray to RNGesus
- Blessed Equipment Recast Stone x 5

Forging Madness
- 125% Forging Guarantee Scroll x 1
- 120% Forging Guarantee Scroll x 1

Spring Lover
- Custom Blue Bird Hairstyle x 1
- Custom Blue Bird Formal Dress x 1
- Blue Bird's Key of Gaia x 1

Sheep Heaven
- Custom Idunn's Hairstyle x 1
- Custom Idunn's Dress and Fluffy Coat x 1
- Idunn's Key of Gaia x 1

Sweet Tooth
- Choice of Custom Sweet Maid Cafe Hairstyle F + Custom Sweet Maid Cafe Uniform / Custom Cafe Waiter Uniform / Custom Elegant Cafe Waiter Uniform
- Choice of Custom Magic Silver Spoon / Custom Magic Silver Fork / Custom Banana Split Cake Roll / Custom Strawberry and Cream Cake Roll

Ride Me Up, Baby!
- A gold mount of your choice
- Mount's Ability Reshuffle Stone x 30

- Feather of Revival x 1000

Egg-celent Choice
- Wild Bird Eggs x 100
- Giant Egg x 100
- Magical Easter Egg Disguise x 1

Andre's Resurrection
- Two hours date with GM Andre (You can take him out to dungeons with you, he'll fight for you and die for you. He can't spawn monsters for you though)
- Andre's Pet
- Andre's Statue