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    IGN: FiveChjr

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    Apply for Beta

    Ign: Marceloxv

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    Beta test

    Quote Originally Posted by Aura View Post
    Hello meridians!

    Starting this week, we will have a little beta test to try out the new content that will be arriving soon to the game. The test will take between 10 and 14 days; and while the content is being tested we will be also translating as much as possible of it so you enjoy this experience to its fullest!

    The content added will include several changes; two new maps and level cap with its story line, several new dungeons, addition of new items and gear, and the addition of new systems like the senshis 5* evolution.

    But since checking that much content on our own it's almost impossible in a reasonable extent of time, we want to ask for the help of our players to check everything and report to us current bugs. This way, while we work on translating the content we will be also working on fixing any possible problem and we will be able to bring to the game a bug free content addition in two weeks.

    I will ask anyone interested on participating on the beta test to sign up on this thread. There are no requirements asked; the more people is able to join the beta, the more we will be able to speedy up the process and bring you the content sooner.

    So all you have to do is to sign up on this thread writting your character's name and forum nickname. We will grant access to the beta to as much volunteers as possible.

    Thank you all for your help!
    I want to participate in the beta test.

    Character´s name: Aremis
    Forum Nickname: Goldetorr

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    IGN : Chomy

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    IGN: BiladaMansa

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    IGN: Aifu

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    IGN: Morrow

    Sheepcat might be a little low level, but ill test as best I can.

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    Thank you to all the new recruits. There's a few info I want to share before we proceed:
    1. I will be granting access to all new recruitment additions later today,
    2. There has been already MANY bugs reports about the new content which we are working to fix.
    3. We will have a new patch to all the beta testers incoming at the mid of next week, which many solutions to all reports given so far.
    4. Between the testing, fixes and translations we have to add, I appreciate everyone's patience until the new content is ready (since this is a very big patch).
    5. I am aware we haven't made any changes on the Paragon and Promotions last week, since we were focused on making the beta test work for everyone involved in the testing process. We will have a quick maintenance tomorrow, close to 4pm (server time) in which we will add new items to the game. Paragon will change in that opportunity, same for Bonus Mall and the AP and LP Promotions.

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    Good news thank you Aura

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    Can I take part in the beta test?
    IGN: Guri

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