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    Server restart 09/03/2018

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but Server will be restarted for a quick fix.

    Patch Notes:
    - Fix to Forging Guarantee Scroll 120% being consumed on right click.
    - Fix to Morrigan and Eirenne stunt

    Restart will happened in 10 minutes more or less. (4:10pm server time), a small patch will be available to download also, so please, properly update your clients before login again.

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    Not stuns please We have so many really bad things to fix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LousyDev View Post

    - Fix to Morrigan and Eirenne stunt
    Finally, I can see people start dying at the lass boss lament again.
    this feels like a buff for guardian and bard. Thank you!

    and also thank you for GM who summon all special NPCs soon after the restart >.<
    Pretty Navea. Snowman in the bathtub lol

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    Uhh, hi. I updated the game before opening today, tried to start and it gave me a BSOD. Restarted and now the launcher won't open... I'm trying to reinstall now, but the installer isn't moving (november one). It's been with the progress bar filled for like, 10 min or so

    Update: managed to reinstall, launcher opens but game won't
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