New Astral Puzzle: March 8th

New Astral Puzzle [Battle Edition]
Available for seven days, until March 15th. Despite his sweet look, Amber is an experienced and dangerous warrior. And on this week's special astral puzzle, we will have a full edition to make you look as dangerous as possible!
- Amber Senshi Contracts
- New Magic Arrow and Tiger Dagger Face Accesories
- Laphine, Duo, Duet, Tristana, Etiya and Gaia Senshi Contracts.
- Etiya's Scythe Costume Weapon.
- Commander Uniforms.
- Hovercrafts.
And much more!

New AP and LP Promotions:
Availables for two weeks, from March 8th to March 22.

- AP and LP store Mounts Edition
This will be the perfect oppotunity to improve your adorable animals collection! All kind of cute and loyal companions will be joining both stores to guarantee you never feel alone. Including the addition of 120% mounts, so you can also go as faster as ever.