Paragon Table Change: March 8th

Starting Time: 8 pm Server Time.
Aprox Duration: 1 hour or less.

Patch Notes:
- Silent Castle (Solo Mode) can now be fully completed.
- Mount Reshuffle window now works properly.
- Added missing achievements (Orange fish/FK/making s1 rods)
- Fixed Forgotten Book Page's Cost at "<PVP Annihilation Quartermaster> Faulker" (Navea) (Changed from 8000 to 800)
- Fixed Eidolon Stories, now having Elizabeth and Michael at 3 start properly grants your character Speed LV4 (MOV SPD +4%).

New Paragon Table: Asian Edition: Available for one week, from March 8th to March 15th. This week our Paragon Table is turning into a true cultural experience. If you consider yourself a true otaku, you will find between these tiers everything needed to cosplay your character with an stylish Asian Vibe.

Red Murasame Key of Gaia. Red Murasame Key Fragments and Eidolon Accessory. Eidolon Fragments: Murasame, Izanami, Won, Diao Chan, Amaterasu and Nikki. New Luxury Kimonos. New Festival Carriages; including Traditional Okami Festival Carriage. New Lucky Charm Cat Ornaments. Kitsune Ornaments, oriental inspired fashion and accesories. Oriental inspired costume weapons. And much more!

New Promotions: Consumables Edition: The arrival of brand new maps has certainly put the grinding frenzy pressure on everyone. And to easy up your experience, we will have prepare for you a special edition of our Hot Items in both stores, AP and Loyalty. Fortification Scrolls Bundles with discounts, different kind of Treasure Charms and boost items, experience buffs (to finally reach that SLV.10!), forging guarantee scrolls, and many more goodies with amazing prices for a limited time. Don't miss this chance to improve your gear!

Promotions will be available for one week, from March 8th to March 15th.