Bonus Mall Promotions: March
Bloody Edition
The gorgeous vanpire queen certainly isn't fitted to all ages. Her natural beauty and her appetite for blood will be hypnotic. Her powerful skills will make her a true temptation. On this edition of our Bonus Mall, we will release a Queen that is worthy of collection.

Eidolon Release: Elizabeth

There is nothing innocent about Elizabeth's looks: she is as sexy as a Goddess can be. Once merely a mortal, Elizabeth's backgrounds are from the imperial royalty. Regardless, her thirst for power and her obssession with immortality compelled her to make a dangerous deal: now a souless creature, she will raise upon the human world with her eternal life and her desider for conquer.

As one would imagine from a Vanpire Queen, Elizabeth's skills are deeply connected with her condition. She will decrease her target's defense and prevent them from being healed. Once her prey is already captive, she will bless her teammates with the ability to absorb 12% of their damage made into their own HP.

Bloody Promotions:
Elizabeth's obsession with the underworld will play a big impact on this Bonus Mall Promotions. From the House of Terror Theme, to suitable companions (Nidhogg, Morrigan, Hades and Cereberus), demonic outfits and mounts. All of these items will be available to start your reign of terror.

The new promotions will be available February 28 to April 1st.