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    Quote Originally Posted by Sayori View Post
    Hello...nice guide.

    I just wonder one thing...if you want to be really tanky, why do you ignore elemental resistance? Some of the most deadly skills bosses have are elemental and with envoy + mount you can reduce them by 35% (60% with correct elemental armor too!) which seems too good to pass up on if going support.

    Even just the elemental resist from weapon spec would be good.

    Just wonder why you choose not to use that ^^.
    Its just personaly after Awakening i had to use the Points in other stats and didnt had problems without it since but i hope with upgrading my equipment more (planing on 101 acc) I should have the chance to go on ele resistance ^^ To the Prickliness its just a personal favor xD

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    thanks for this guide I really like it

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    My only things to nit pick are:

    *For solo dungeons, its really either Bard, or Crusader, Sub rav if you like to use some ultis but its really more for a dps type guard so wouldn't recommend it for a support tank.

    My Reason:For a time lancer was good but after pre nerf not so much.

    Why not lancer? Because Lancer skills are really weak by itself without combos and some animations take time being it three skills. It can be awkward to find yourself, stunned, rooted, or annoyingly debuffed/hit in such a way your animations get canceled midway and there's no way around the attacks because you are supposed to be taking the attacks. In the same time frame to get MAC out, you could be either spamming thundercut, bash or even a life saving Ares.

    In fact if you love the lancer skills, by themselves and not the combos, then crus sub offers the same skill set but better. You especially trade 1 dark skill for 1 decently useful shield buff and that stacks well for tanking.

    Ironically, we are a more useful subclass for a lancer main than people realize but am not gonna divulge that info why; it will be another time and when lancer IS the topic.

    Another is about emblem choice, you don't need more reflect damage, that is ugly and its often the damage already reduced. You may as well spit your enemies in the face.

    If you want more reflect damage, raise your own Mirror Shield, it has ZEAL and it produces its own damage not negated, even effective, you can see it well on otherworld mobs and laugh while your phalanx heals you in the process. No need for the Prickliness envoy nodes though although they route towards the actual mirror shield nodes so...:/

    Otherwise, nice guide. If you don't like my reasons though, don't worry, you don't have to be beholden to them if you don't want to.
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    Yes you are right in all points, Lancer was just a subclass that I liked for solos since mac made enough dmg to clear mobs and boss. Of course Bard or Crus would be better.
    The emblem was the best I could get and I overall enjoyed it quite far, tho I will add the note that lightning skills with dmg or damage against a certain element would be a better choice. Thanks for pointing it out, didnt thought about that

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