Today is Valentine's day! Have you already given a chocolate to your loved ones? Or are you spending your time alone playing this game? Maybe you don't even care about this holiday?
Well, we will make you care about it with our new event! Take out your photoshop, it's time for high-quality edits!

You will need to take a Valentine's related screenshot, that fits one of the categories, and post it here together with your IGN. You are not just free to edit your screenshot, but encouraged! And you can do that in any way you want: work on colors, add textures, cliparts, text and etc. Keep in mind: screenshot should fit themes, related to Valentine!
As for quantity of screenshots: in entry there must be only 1 picture (which is your edited screenshot). This picture can contain up to 3 screenshots, taken in-game.

In general, you have a choice between two categories: Forever alone and Together forever.
Their only difference is quantity of people. In first category, there can be only 1 person. While in 2nd - 2 people.
For both categories you still can use NPCs, pets, or eidolons as additional members of your screenshot.
You can also add description or make your entry pretty in general. But remember: your picture is the priority in this contest.

Deadline: 21st of February, 10:00pm server time

We're going to have 9 winners in total. 6 from Together forever and 3 from Forever alone.
Prizes for each category are different.

Together forever

1st place - Guardian Knight costumes for both people
2nd place - Costume + Head costume of your choice
3rd place - Lustful chocolate, Enternal Love Donut, and True Love Waffle x10 of each

Forever alone

1st place - Paper bag, any kitty pet and 3000 ap
2nd place - Costume + Head costume of your choice
3rd place - Hades' Wine Bottle and Hades' Bloody Steak x20 of each