View Poll Results: How much are you willing to pay for "Instant Lv 85 Character Ticket" ??

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  • It is worthless, I will not buy it, better spend ingame gold on something else

    9 32.14%
  • Time is Money: 10k AP ~ 50$ us

    2 7.14%
  • I dont care about money, I would love to get this

    0 0%
  • I think Aura should not sell or make this affordable right now. wait till cap level become 200.

    17 60.71%
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    Quote Originally Posted by 918 View Post
    Spend the time you are writing those (very )long messages in doing a few quests you will see 85 is not hard
    dont be rude, its indeed start from me, but please, not focus on me.

    you already share your well-thought opinion:
    Quote Originally Posted by 918 View Post
    hum maybe.... Nah
    appreciated that. thank you.
    if you want to put more opinion, keep in on topic please.

    Quote Originally Posted by IMTM View Post
    First the post and then this link Feels lyf man.

    Why not just enjoy the event and get rewards? Why do u need to explain dis so thoroughly. ���� just stop over thinking._.

    Hi! i would love to listen to ur thought about this.
    I care about my time on playing on this server, thats why im putting effort to write long paragraph that hopefully u spend time to understand it.

    please dont focus on me. it indeed start from me, tho, its a good addition of what we already have, no reason to not have it. (look option E)
    if there is good one, i do want to hear it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyaa View Post
    Appreciated ur opinion, altho it is a bit weird.

    to help you understand the situation, it is not for the first character, it is for alternative characters. (2nd +++)
    might be u like the option E more : trade "Instant Lv 85 Character Ticket" with 999 STH coin + 999 nightmare coins??
    with this, u need to have high level characters that can do STH + nightmare at the first place. lot of grinding time etc.

    Isnt it better for player to have more option to level up their alternative characters??

    really thank you if u can go back and read my initial post, understand the problem, and maybe, do better respond, instead of reacting with ur emotion.
    I think it's not weird at all. What I'm trying to say is, I don't agree if GMs decided to sell this kind of item. but for event like this, why not? and who doesn't like that many coins? lets keep that instant ticket as super rare item that only available in special event. not in everyday market. that is my opinion
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    we gave you an answer already, there was literally no need for you to make a whole thread about the matter

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    Let me explain a little bit all my encounter feelings about this topic:
    1. I know that questing is becoming an issue in this game. The higher the level cap gets, the more is added to the quest plot, the more useless it feels making the low level quests. I also know leveling those lower levels isn't exactly the issue, but questing is.

    2. Also, as older the game is getting, the more problematic those low levels are. There is no existing market up to level 70 (if any) so farming is completely useless until you reach that point. Your character isn't even worth playing until 80. Level 80 gear is already so cheap than farming or spending too much time there feels exactly as a burden. Most people who joins our server, even for the first time, is already familiar with the game. So starting from 0 is really discouraging. The quests, that once were the stronger of AK (because on how fast they made you level up, because the story and quests mechanics felt original at the first time doing it) feels now repetitive and exhausting.

    3. So we have been thinking on ways on making the server feel more dynamyc than it currently is, and to also encourage new people to join (cause as older the game is getting harder and harder to catch up). This is what we have come up till this point:
    - We know the level 85 insta card is a coveted item and we understand how useful it feels to the game. We don't want to make this game completely pay to win as some other servers has been, reason why we don't want to implement it in a conventional way. For starters and also as a sort of test run, the item will be release to the game through the anniversary event. This means all accounts will have the opportunity to receive one, for free, by participating in the anniversary event and completing a few challenges. It won't only be a form of gratittude to all our long-time players, but a way to analize and study the impact of the item in the game (since in this way, we can control the amount of these items that are in the game).

    - I know having such item in the loyalty store, giving our LP drop rates, it's simply ground breaking. So that is not gonna happen in any close future. We have been thinking tho, and we plan to, make another curve exp modification -required exp reduction- till level 95 when we apply the new level cap and new maps to the game (that in case you haven't heard, our eta is between February 26/March 1st).

    - We have been also playing with the idea to implement the insta level cards in a different way and with some modifications of our own. For starter, we feel anything above level 60 is almost not worth playing anymore, but we do want to encourage people to complete the quest line at least once. Reason why we have been thinking on introducing a new item that will allow you to create characters at level 60 (similar to necros) but of any class. This item would be available for characters level 60+ in several ways, and it would be certainly easier to get that what a level 85 insta card would be.

    - The idea of implementing an item like that is to allow our players to start with their alt characters from the game at level 60 and with the quests done up to that point. It will help us balance the current state of the game and make the starting far more easier. It will also help controlling the impact of level 85 cards, since most people will have the opportunity to at least start at 60 without problems. And the idea of the card is also important, cause using it or not would be volunteer and not an imposition like in scythe; if you want to experience the game from level 1 you will still be able to.

    - With that item release in the game, the idea of implementing the level 85 card stops feeling so unreasonable. So if the item gets to the game, it's possible it does in a similar fashion as it has been suggested here (it would certainly have a farmeable option, cause you know we like to make you work for things, and a buyable one, cause you know we survive upon ap donations).

    I want to emphasize another point: adding the item in the ap store and in a custom store with STH and nightmare coins, would make a terrible unbalance/disadvantage between different sectors of our population. Try hard, elitists, hardcore players (whatever you want to name them) would have easy access to level 85 characters to keep improving their farming army and keep monopolizing the economy and the game. Donators would have the same advantage. Anyone in between, just starting up, trying to know the game, would fall greatly to catch up. In the long therms, this means the server population will keep getting smaller and smaller (try hard would still be around because of easy access, people who donated a big junk to the game will be too. But in order to remain open, a server needs some cycling of people, diversity and new faces -cause eventually people gets bored and quits-. Without new players, you are doomed to extinction).

    It is a completely different matter if we first enable something that will decrease this gap between old and new for everyone, instead of just adding something potentionally game breaking without thinking about it. And everything I stated above is one of the reasons we have been really careful on how we manage the topic of the insta level 85 card instead of hardcore putting it in shop, fill our pockets, and hope for the best.

    You will forgive my english today, but I just woke up and I'm kind of under the weather, so my ideas aren't that clear. Hope everything I wrote made some sense. I also appreciate the thread since its something we have been discussing a lot lately with the staff; knowing the feelings/opinions of players also helps.

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