Happy 4th Anniversary Azurians!
Aside from server anniversary, it marked our 1st year as GMs too!
Of course, to commemorate this special day, the self-proclaimed 100F STH boss will hold her favorite event of all time to celebrate this occasion!!
Do you know what event is it? hmmm hmmm, I'm sure the title already giving it away though
I hope you won't get bored by it (or maybe you are?)
I'm just lazy to think for some evil ideas like Alex and Andre by spawning Diao Chan World Boss, so cut me some slack ok
Here we go!!!

[Forum Event]
Solve Victoria's Secret Code!
15th February 2018(Around Maintenance) - 22th February 2018, 11:59 PM Server Time

Hidden Letters have been discovered on several locations, at FORUM.

☼ These letters are scattered under [GM]Victoria's Post, you must assemble these scattered letters to form 4 words which is a Secret Code from Victoria!

☼ There are 13 LETTERS in total!

☼ You are NOT ALLOWED to RESERVE or EDIT your entries. Reserved/Edited entries will be automatically disqualified.

☼ Please follow this format to submit your entry:

IGN: [Player IGN]
Secret Code: [The Secret Code you've discovered]
Screenshots: [Screenshots of these letters forming the Secret Code]

☼ Only one IGN is allowed to participate from each account.

☼ Your screenshots must consist of each hidden letters. These letters are sorted according to your Secret Code's word.

☼ Your screenshots MUST be CROPPED. Only the hidden letters and surrounding text are visible(if there's any).


IGN: Victoria
Secret Code: 107

You're all might be thinking, why you should go this far to find the Secret Code hidden behind numerous post at forum, is the GM trolling you?
Of course, to pay for your effort, we'll reward you with the one and only, for this occasion only, the super rare

☼ Instant Lv 85 Character Ticket ☼

for the first 3 Winners!!!