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    Eidolon Wishes are Bugged?

    TLDR: My Holy Fenrir and Blue Bird wishes show up as empty when they are not finished.

    I bought Blue Bird after maintenance. It was bugged for some who had no space in their Party Formation as it didn't show in their Eidolon Menu. Mine was in the Party Formation along with my Holy Fenrir. I repatched my game when the fix for it and realized that both my Blue Bird and Holy Fenrir had no wishes. I'm sure I haven't finished them. It only displays Reviews for the Eidolon I was previously viewing.

    I already tried deleting game.bin and repatching the launcher several times (I took them off of my Party Formation). Still shows up as empty. Not sure what to do. ): Halp?

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    I think Noah had the same issue?
    Probably has something to do with the launcher error when downloading c_partnermission.ini.

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    I will tell the dev to readd this file on thursday's patch and the problem should be solved for the people with this problem.

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