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    Hello, and welcome to the Catalyst guild's information hub! It may be a bit barren for now, but in time we plan to add to that, you can help!

    Catalyst is currently a new guild that is looking to become very active and eventually self sufficient with enough players to do things like host it's majority own Sky Towers, and in time, create a rich history with lasting memories for it's members. For now, it is a new and level 4 and growing guild with a small but very active group of players committed to helping it grow.

    Catalyst as a guild is new here, but most of it's current members are long term players (some from the official server) who've played for a long time and know the game enough (or want to try and pretend they do!) to either participate in end game content and help new players alike.

    Guild recruitment is currently open!

    A couple of (potentially) common asked questions and answers.

    Q. What are the requirements to join?

    A. There are no level requirements to join! We do ask that you maintain consistent progress if you're lower level (below 80), however. There are no requirements on if it's your main character or not! We do, however, ask that you remain relatively active regardless, as periodically, inactive characters may be subject to removal, as we are trying to build up an active and populous guild! Absolutely no drama is permitted, and we do not want members who will be begging for things (either within the guild or to outsiders). It is okay to ask for help, that is what we're here for, and some members may offer varying extents of help, but that is at their discretion, and being rude, being pushy for things, or bothering anyone within or outside the guild will not be tolerated.

    Q. Do you host your own Sky Fantasy and/or Sky Towers?

    A. Currently, not yet, but we are definitely looking to once we grow enough to make it feasible! We will probably start hosting Sky Fantasy to start (depending on interest, although this is probably easiest to accomplish?), and then look to host regular Sky Tower Classic. As our number of members who can host and help fill out the raids grow, we will do what we can.

    Q. Do you have a Discord server?

    A. As with the above, unfortunately no, not yet. As the number of members and interest grows, this can be introduced. If you want this, ask/bother us! Currently the Catalyst guild is a group of friends from the Aeria servers and I have no control over that Discord, but a dedicated one for this guild can and will be created IF there's enough interest and potential activity in it to warrant it.

    Q. What time zone(s) are you active in?

    A. Right now, most of our members are within the NA and some in the Oceanic time zones but play at a broad range of times.

    Q. What language is preferred?

    A. We prefer english for chat, please.

    Want to join? If you want to apply, you may either reply here, or whisper Sylver_Aura, Gale_Tempest, or SameTbh in-game. We (I) am especially looking for someone who may be interested in/proficient with making media and content (such as videos, promotional material, etc.).

    The following is the format and criteria to join.

    Character Name:

    Character Level:

    Reason for wanting to join:

    These questions aren't really going to determine much for now while the guild is new. It's pretend to look official o.o; We're pretty much going to accept you if you want to join for now, but that doesn't mean anyone will be allowed to stay. We just don't wan't to do open recruit, but if you want to join, post or whisper and ask in-game.

    Thank you, and we hope to see you there!

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    Goodluck with guild x)
    No point listing all my chars, people call me sky no matter what character i'm on ;-;

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    Yay, we have a home now after getting level four for the guild! Thank you so much to all of those who helped!

    Quote Originally Posted by Innocence View Post
    Goodluck with guild x)
    Thank you!

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