Server Maintenance 08/02/2018
Starting Time: No Eta Yet
Aprox Duration: Between 1 and 2 hours.

Patch Notes:
- Fixes to Prinny Mounts: The mounts are now disabled inside dungeons.
- Fixes to DMG stat in Golden Weapons.
- Addition of Lightning DMG +1%/2%/3% to Golden Weapons.
- Addition of translations of social Actions to 4* Eidolons.
- Addition of brand new Otherworld: Streamer Cave (4 modes)
- Addition of brand new Otherworld: Hell's Void (4 modes)
- Addition of Medjed's 3rd Evolution form.

New Paragon Table: Ancient Desert Edition:
Available from February 8th to February 15h. Are you a fan of futuristic looks, fashion forward styles with a combative touch? Then, this is certainly the paragon table for you!
- Medjed Key of Gaia
- Medjed, Tsubaki, Cleopawtra, Higa, Vermillion Key fragments.
- Release of two brand new mounts: Ruby and Amethyst Crescent Moons.
- Flying Carpets and Moon Moounts.
- Gryphin and Lion Mounts.
- Ancient Desert Warrior Costumes.
And much more!

New Promotions:
AP and LP Eidolon Frenzy Edition:
Keys of Gaia. Oath Rings. Eidolon Reroll Scrolls. Eidolon inspired fashion. On this week's promotion of our AP and LP Stores, we will be filling you with eidolon material. Several Keys of Gaia and Key Fragments will be present in both AP and LP Stores, giving you the perfect chance to update your eidolon list, your eidolon stories, your wishes. And we will have special discounts in other eidolon related items.

Promotions will be available from February 9th to February 16th.

Server's Anniversary Events: Double Exp Through All February!
Our server's special double exp event its still on! And therefore, we will give you one more chance to adcquire those covered exp boosts in our shops. All the current exp promotions in our AP and LP stores will remain available until February 16th!

New Week:
We will be getting the new SLV1 Dimensional Hall. And get ready for more Anniversary Events!

Special Note: We started yesterday our beta test for the SLV5 Maps - SLV10 Cap Update. The eta for this content is between February 26th and March 1st. For the moment, all our current Beta Testers are welcomed to join us through the testing process. It will mainly depend how quick the content progress, to know if we will re-open the recruitment to add more testers. For the moment, you are warned so you can prepare yourself for what's coming!