Bonus Mall Promotions: February
Fairy Tale Edition
This is the month our Server turns 4 years old. And like Fairy Tales themselves, Azuria has been a magical place for all of us filled with great adventures. But in this case, there's no ending in the horizon. To celebrate this special date, we have release to the game a mythical and beautiful creature that will lift our spirit with her feathers... It's time to meet Blue Bird, the most royal of non-lolis!

Eidolon Release: Blue Bird

"There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way..."

Once upon a time, two kids went on a dangerous journey to find the Blue Bird of Happiness, a magical creature that is said will work as a lucky charm and bring all the happiness in the world to the beholder. They did find the creature in the most unexpected place, since it was in their house all along. But didn't find true happiness until they gifted this pet to someone who really need it. Blue Bird is indeed a sign of eternal happiness and luck, but happiness should always we found within ourselves. She will help the Envoy of Gaia to find the true happiness by making this world a more fair place for everyone who is suffering.

Blue Bird is not only a mythical beautiful creature, but a powerful companion. She will stun her targets and grant her 15% movement speed blessing to her party members, and when paired with Snow White, she will grant extra 2% movement speed with her Eidolon Stories.

Fairy Tales Promotions:
The Bonus Mall will turn into a magical land indeed, with the company of Snow White and Alice joining Blue Bird in the store. You will be able to adcquire their Keys of a Gaia and Key Fragments rhrough the whole month. Plus, we will celebrate the most beautiful bird with a special ornament edition inspired by the power of feathers. If you are still feeling like flying away, majestic mounts will be in place to take you to your happy ending. Of course, a true Fairy Tale wouldn't be completed without the right outfit; so all kind of Royal Costumes and Accessories will be also place in the shop.

The new promotions will be available February 1st to March 1st.