Like and Share Event: Blue Bird Pre Release!
You know what they say: a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Something blue is flying to Azuria, but we will have to be ready to catch her. The gorgeus new fairy tale inspired eidolon will be making her official debut to the game on Feberuary 2nd, in our Bonus Mall. But if you want a chance to win her Key of Gaia, we will have a little like and share event prepare that in the midtime, will help us publicize the server.

How to Join is very Simple:
1. You need to access our facebook site.
2. Like and Share the photo used as banner in this thread.
3. Add the name of your character as a comment on the facebook post.

On February 1st, we will raffle and select three winners between all the contestants.
Winners will win: x3 Blue Bird's Key of Gaia + Blue Bird's Accessory + x1 Ring of Oath

Good Luck To All!