[Screenshot Contest]
Trough the Seasons!
Our beloved Azuria is about to turn four years old. Almost 1.500 days together. Four full runs around the sun. Four times we have celebrated the arrival of Summer. Four times we have fallen in love in the Spring. Four times we have played upon the Autumn's leaves. Four times we hugged to stay warm in the Winter. And to celebrate this ending cycle and the arrival of a new one, we thought a fashion contest will put you in the right mood. So how do you spend the seasons in Azuria?

There will be four categories to join: Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer. We will choose one winner in each category. You can participate in the four of them (you can submit up to 4 screenshots) but each player can only win once.

Choose the right clothes, the right palette and the right background to express the feelings of each season. Since this a screenshot contest, we will judge the overall outcome: position, light, colors, and of course your outfit!

You can help yourselves with elements of the game: you can screen yourself with NPCs, monsters, mounts or eidolons to achieve the right environment (but this is not a groupal photo contest, so the winner will always be the person who submits the entry). You can edit the screenshot to improve the colors or the quality, but you can't change the background or add any external elements to it.

Submit the entry with the name of your character and the season you are participating. You will have until February 1st to submit your entries, and we will proceed to choose the four winners.

Each winner will receive x1 Headgear Costume of own Selection, x1 Costume of own Selection, x1 Headgear Enchantment Card of own selection and x1 Costume Enchantment Card of own selection.