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    New Astral Puzzle: Adorable Creatures Edition

    Astral Puzzle Change on 11/01/2018

    New Astral Puzzle [Adorable Creatures Edition]
    Available for seven days, until January 18. Are you a sucker for cute things? Do you want to get anything soft, fluffy and adorable you find ingame? Would you like to transform into an adorable creature yourself? This puzzle is the solution to all your requests!
    - New Snow Puppies in Top Tier.
    - Plush Bear Mounts.
    - Rita's Pet.
    - Adorable Puppies and Kitties.
    - Kitty Costumes.
    - Dog Lover, Wool Dress and Rita's Costume.
    - All Kind of Ears.
    - All Kind of Adorable Animal Hats.
    - All kind of Adorable backpacks.

    New AP and LP Promotion: Game of the Opposites Edition
    Cold and Warm. Ice and Fire. Love and Hate. Dark and Holy. On this week's edition of both the AP and the LP Store, we will play with the opposites. Senshi Contracts, Ornaments, Mounts, Accessories AND fashion will give final form to this promotions.

    Promotions will be available from January 15 to January 22

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    nice puzzle~~ <3 thank you Aura~~

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    its January 16th, Aura

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