Server Maintenance 11/01/2018
Starting Time: No Eta Yet
Aprox Duration: Between 1 and 2 hours.

Patch Notes:
- Sky Tower/Sky Tower Hell duration extended back, from 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours.
- Nightmare Coins can now be shared between character through the Shared Warehouse.
- New Nightmare Bag added: Nightmare Terror Bag.
The Nightmare Terror Bag will be available in the Adventurer Encyclopedia, Special Item Category. It will have a value of x999 nightmare coins, and it will grant you with 100% probability one Hades Golden Costume Weapon or a Golden Costume Weapon Fusion Scroll.
- New Golden Costume Weapon Fusion Scroll: You will be able to adquire this item in the Adventurer Encyclopedia, Special Item Category, for a price of x650 Nightmare Coins and, for a limited opportunity during it release, you will be able to adquire this item in the Paragon Table.
- New Feature: Golden Weapon Conversion.
Using a Golden Costume Weapon Fusion Scroll, you will be able to fuse almost any orange costume weapon available in the game into a Golden Costume Weapon. Golden Costume Weapons will maintain the original appearance of the weapon, but it will have a third random pve bonus stat (same as Hades Golden Weapons). Some important notes:

1. Using a Golden Costume Weapon Conversion Scroll will consume both the scroll and the weapons used to perform the fusion.
2. In order to perform the fusion, you need two Orange Costume Weapons of the exact same kind.
3. The result will be a Golden Costume Weapon with three stats.
4. The second bonus stat will be randomized during the process, so it will transform any previous stat you had in the weapons used for fusion.
5. The third bonus stat cannot be modified through Costume Restructuring Potions.
6. Enchantment cards inlaid in the weapons for fusing will be lost during the process. You should transfer the cards before starting the fusion.
7. The result will be a tradeable weapon.
8. Converted costume weapons cannot be used for the fusing process (costume weapons made from normal weapons). All other weapons can be used.
9. As the fixed third stat, you can obtain one of the following bonuses:
DMG Taken -1, -3 or -5%
HP +1, +3 or 5%
DMG +1, +3 or +5%
CRIT +1, +3 or +5%
CRIT DMG +3, +5 or +7%
EVA +1, 3 or 5%
DEF +3, 5 or 7%
MOV SPD +3, 5 or 7%
Fire Skills DMG +1%, 3 or 5%
Ice Skills DMG +1%, 3 or 5%
Storm Skills DMG +1%, 3 or 5%
Dark Skills DMG +1%, 3 or 5%
Holy Skills DMG +1%, 3 or 5%
Heal +3, 5 or 7%
All Stats 1, 3 or 5%

New Paragon Table: Golden Power Edition:
Available from January 11 to January 18. Are you ready to meet the Golden Power? In this special edition of our Paragon Table, you will need everything you need to improve your own costume weapon into golden status.
- Golden Costume Weapon Fusion Scroll
- Two Brand New Costume Weapons Release: Swords of Science, available for Ravager, Tachi and Crusader.
- Costume Scissor Weapons.
- Costume Dark Katanas.
- Eidolon Inspired Costume Weapons.
- Blossom Costume Weapons.
- Divine Inspired Costume Weapons.
- Dark Inspired Costume Weapons.
- Premium and Advanced Costume Weapon Enchantment Cards.

New Promotions:
AP Store Good and Evil:
Have you ever feel thorn between two very human feelings? Doing good or doing bad? It's a call you have to make every day in the world of Azuria. And not, you will have to do so in our AP Store! Are you a Night Fallen Angel, or a Sunrise Angel? Pick the best look to suit you with the release of the brand new gorgeous ornaments, perfect if you go for a majestic outfit. They will be in good company; Eidolons, Fashion and Accessories so you can truly choose your own side.

LP Asian Edition:
If you prefer a more oriental look, this will be the perfect promotion for you. Izanami, Murasame, Amaterasu, Won, Nikki and Diao Chan will be available in form of Keys and in form of Fragments. In the good company of ornament, fashion and mounts; including Izanami and Izanagi's Kimono.

Promotions will be available from January 12 to January 19. Fortification discounts will remaint active until Monday, January 15.

Next Week, prepare yourself for the full Login Reward Changes. Plus? New Azurian Love Packs will be available to all our faithful players (New packs will be send regarding the donations made from January 1st and so on, and they will remain available for six full months). Also, remember we will get new rank panels before the month is over! And in February, better get ready for all of our Anniversary Events (we will turn 4 years online on February 15, in case you didn't know.)