Let's Milk that Shop, indeed!
From January 9 to January 15 we will have a special 50% discount in fortification scrolls bundles in both AP and LP store. You will be able to get x20 fortification scrolls of all kind, for half the price. So you wasn't sure what you was doing this week? Our guess is, you will be farming big time!

It doesn't matter if you just started, you are making a new character or testing a new class, if you are trying to improve and get better equipments, if you are in the middle of a gear transition, you are looking for easy gold... One thing is for sure: fortifications always come handy. So whenever we have a fortification promo, is logical to predict our players gets a little crazy.

But when it's a 50% discount? The true madness begins! And since you have been clamoring for a fortifications promo since a few days, like always, we listen and deliver. You will have from this tuesday until next monday (included) to get your hands on those consumables. Both stores will get the same benefit: half the price in x20 bundles.