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    Aura Kingdom: Infinity (Collab Remake)

    Gaia, the source of all creation. When the universe came to be, the ominous Goddess three worlds; a world of light, The Aura kingdom. A world of darkness, Pandemonium. And a world of life, the middle Earth, Terra. Angels hailed from the world of Aura kingdom embodying all that is good and following harmony and order. Demons roam the barren world of Pandemonium where chaos and savagery are the only law. The two sides had always constantly fought one another, vying for control of the universe, a war that fought even older than time and the expense of many of Gaia's creations, Gods and heroes, to the chagrin and frustration of their great mother. It wasn't until the birth of the middle world, the world were all living things, the two sides seems to find a compromise. However to keep the world in balance, Gaia created the chains of time, and with it, any being of the other two worlds who dare to weave its fate shall pay a heavy price--the price of mortality. And so only a brave few, dare traverse its plane.

    To help keep the world in check, Gaia created the cube, as an extension of her power and laid it hidden within Azuria. At first, the elves used its power to and became as the first known Envoy users. They grew well, prospered for a time, until they attempted to tempt fate. Now only traces of their ruin remain with barely anybody ever knew of their existence. It was the Cube develop a kind of sentience. Tempting fate, yet once again, for a reason unknown, the cube once more bestowed its power on the new numerous of kin--humans.

    Unlike the elves, humans were more diverse and less predictable. They built their civilizations more to suit themselves, thru willpower and struggles, thru machinery and magic and eventually became most dominant species on Azuria. They were still an immature and young as a race however, but the cube of Gaia has chosen them, for better, or for worse. The most famous and strongest of these envoys was Reinhardt, the Brave but even the strongest have their fallen times. Sometimes, it's not even strength alone and sometimes ...strength comes in different shapes and sizes. It mostly comes down to perspective to see where one truly stands.

    Another yet Envoy, unique to another realm, like a mirror to our own, begins his story...


    "Argh, no..." came the voice of a youth between heavy breaths, "The tower must not fall... I can not fall!".

    He said staggering to get up from his knees, slowly and aching, gripping the shaft of his scythe to push himself up. The midnight coat he wore was soaked and caked with blood and mud. The wind blowing thru his unkempt raven black hair. Lightning and the blue trim of his coat the only outlying his figure, standing a top of the ruins of a castle in the stormy night.

    "Hah! Still standing Solo God?" the black demon mocked him as he hovered down, gusts whipping at the youth's face as his tail swayed. He looked down onto him with crossed muscular arms. Speaking with breaths of flame, he smiled as he said, "Good! Come embrace your destiny!"

    A barrage of white shadow bolts came as his answer. The demon reared the flaps of his enormous bat wings and blew back the bullets. Ast had moments to summon his bone shield before his own astray rain of attack hammered him down. The barrage however did they trick; unaware to the demon he summoned frozen tomb. The demon's wings caught in the jutted ice. He followed quickly a devil incarnate spell, unleashing spiritual energy upon him. The demon cried in pain...but soon subsided to mocking laughter.

    He curled into a ball, then, broke the ice like glass as he stretched his wings wide. Ice shards flung everywhere. Ast responded with a flametoss to clear away. Hiss sounds and plums of white smoke were left as the shards melted away. The demon leaned back as the weapon came for him but in uncanny precision, caught it properly by the shaft. Ast couldn't believe his eyes; his undoubted scythe, still sizzling and burning, trying to defy its perverse owner, was in the grasp of his enemy, yet the pain hardly phased the demon.

    On the contrary, rather made him more excited; the grin showing his fangs clear.

    With reckless trashing, the demon cleaved and toiled the surrounding about them using his own scythe. Ast was buried alive by dirt, rocks, bricks flung onto him. The demon flew over, roosting above the top of the heaping pile the hapless necromancer was now under. "Buried into a tomb by your scythe, how ironic!"

    The demon smiled and laughed. However, a feint light started to emanate from the crevices of the debris. His expression melted as the light surrounded him and the entirety of the battlefield. An explosion ruptured, louder than even the roar of thunder. Ast emerged from the middle of the crater, heaving heavily after his breaksword release. To his dismay however, the demon hovered high in the skies, unscathed.

    "Try as you might little runt, you can not defeat me!"

    As frustrating and repulsed he was by those words, they stung true as truth. The chill of the rain sinking deeper into his residing guilt. Ast looked to his surrounding; the ruins, once the home of his former guild of Starlight Wings, now no more than a ravaged playground by this monstrosity. The guild banner, ruined and torn, barely recognizable in the smudge of mud and blood yet all that remains. The pained, horrific and mutilated faces of his guildmates...

    To add more insult, even the templar could not stop him, this demon that has come to lay claim much of his world and everything he loved. Whether it was a sense of justice or revenge, he did not know anymore, or even cared. To Astron, last remnant of his guild, envoy and now only hero standing between this monster and total annihilation, he needed to end this, or other worlds will fall to the same fate.

    But first, he needed to get his scythe back.

    Ast went towards the dilapidated rooftops of the houses, going higher and higher by leaps and bounds. The demon saw this attempt and went to cut him off; he smashed down the highest towering structure that could reach him just as the necromancer made mid jump. To his big surprise, Astron went towards him instead as he swooped down. On his back, he somersaulted for an Earth break, hard on his spine. The demon's grip pried loose. Scythe went flying array. He followed a quick dragon slash and cut off one of his wings. As the two free fell, Astron dove for his scythe and hacked its blade on a brick tower of a castle wall, slowing his descent. The demon landed hard on the debris below. Astron was not done yet. He summoned his own lesser demons and swarmed the black monster thru the engulfing dust.

    "Now to finish you." he spoke in stern gaze.

    Raising his hands, the rain suddenly stopped and as he parted his arms away, the clouds heeded as well, revealing the starry night sky.

    He calls down Astraia.

    Invincible beams of light to pierce the black demon coming from all directions from the hailing heavens. Astron channel every ounce of his energy to this spell, seething rage his only driving force.

    The demon, sensing the inevitable, swiped for all his devils, and then crushing their skulls in his muscular palms. For their sacrifice, he summons a portal beneath him to escape.

    "No!" Ast cried out, rushing to stop him. As the demon turned, he swiped his tail and snatched Astron off guard by his ankle, dragging him to the portal. He then brought the boy to his muscular chest and wrapped him a tight crushing bear hug. "If I must perish, you will come with me!"

    Ast's screams echoed through the chambered depths of the portal and was all the escaped as the two spiraled down to another world until the it was closed.
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    [Crescent Hill, Freu on her way, talks with locals along with an upcoming cook off event. Couldn't join because doubts feeling unfair to others due to having envoy powers. Saddens her a bit]

    [Freu discovers lying man. Man is Ast. She takes him home to family]

    [Freu later goes shopping to Navea, files complaint. Templar refuses help due filing a missing persons report needs to be after 3 days]

    [Freu goes to see Analisa for cooking materials for home. Finds Victoria there as well.]

    [While waiting, Vick and Freu chat. Vick recommend help from an unofficial kind. Freu is concerned but reluctantly takes Vic's offer as she has much more to do Navea before getting home.]

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