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    Between These Sheets
    Entry #1
    Welcoming Yourself Into a dead Guild
    Taken Ingame

    Entry #2
    Spreading Corruption
    Taken Ingame

    Entry #3
    I'm bad with spanish..
    Taken Ingame

    Explanation - This person was trying to speak to me in spanish, I told him/her I do not speak it.. He/she asks if I spoke english or Spanish in which I said english and well.. the person used google translate.

    Entry #4
    Running Low on ST entry funds
    Taken Ingame

    Entry #5
    Getting Spicy During SF
    Taken Ingame

    Entry #6
    ST 101 By Melvin
    Taken Ingame

    Entry #7
    Divergent's New Bully-Victim
    Taken Ingame

    Entry #8
    Ema Baiting us
    Taken Ingame

    Entry #9
    Err.. Whats Going on?
    Taken Ingame
    ❀ Yoonie - Bard/Sorcerer ❀
    ❀ Yurissa - Sorcerer/Shuriken ❀

    ❀ Art By Dahnn ❀

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    Entry #1 Taken ingame


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    All Entries taken in game

    - Entry 1: Normal AK Conversations

    - Entry 2: When your greet makes people remember traumatic events?

    - Entry 3: Main function of a boyfriend

    - Entry 4: uh...

    - Entry 5: Geography on AK

    - Entry 6: I want to see him trying solo Time Librarian Nightmare Mode, make a video teaching us

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    Someone called Charlie.

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    Entry #1

    taken: ingame
    imo, he rather meant please dont nerf Final Execution for easy STH
    Moment of silence for the efforts of our fallen lightning lancers

    Entry #2

    taken: ingame
    Some guy asked in world chat, how good gren is and I stated my opinion about it.
    Out of the blue this guy pmed and
    trying to argue that gren can be as good as god tier dps.
    Had to tell him the hard truth that grens will never overpower those classes then yes he said that thing
    Not knowing I've been doing what he said eversince hue.
    asked him who are the grens? well I wasnt in his list, I cri
    (he didnt actually gave names lol)

    Entry #3

    taken: ingame
    Best logic ever 10/10

    Entry #4

    taken: forums

    when 36-40F was first released, 40F was even farther messy with headless running chickens
    enjoy the 24/7 transformations and blames afterwards

    Entry #4

    Nice choice of stuff to play with, well not everyone has the courage to admit theirs
    Shoutouts to GM Vicky

    Entry #5

    taken: ingame
    woah 3years experience, Yes SniperFang indeed is the best guns 10/10

    Well just an honorable mention from last year, too good not to include this
    (Hope we can include some old good qoutes tbh)

    Always remember that Doppelganger can join multiple raids and hold aggro so well

    To Aura:

    hope you rmb this guy lol

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    I Quote me hehe

    btw. wish all a good start in new year soon :P

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    Entry #1 taken ingame Classic aura ignore mode

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    Entry #1 - When begging doesn't go as expected while being AFK in navea

    Entry #2 - When begging goes exactly as expected

    Entry #3 - When looking for a raid doesn't go as expected too

    Entry #4 - At least cent started

    All taken in-game

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    Chon'sin, Valm
    Entry #3 of my Bard's Adventures

    Taken ingame during an STH's region chat. Ging likes messing around with the npc and Above. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    FengXiu - Itzal - Beichan

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    #Entry 1 Doing pvp in pvp

    taken in game

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    Entry#1 2bil hp eido when ?

    Entry#2 ban all BRs

    Entry #3 Devicer where are you

    Entry #4 L E G I T

    Entry #5 GOD

    Taken in-game

    Anxiety SLVL10- Shuri
    SLVL10 - Crus
    SLVL10 - Bard
    SLVL10 - Sorc
    SLVL10 - Lancer
    SLVL10 - Bow
    SLVL10 - Rav
    SLVL10 - Guard
    SLVL10 - Necro
    SLVL10- Guitar
    SLVL10 - Wizard
    SLVL10 - Katar
    SLVL10 - Tachi
    SLVL10 - Gun
    SLVL10 - Sorc

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