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    Quote Contest

    ok how do you insert images from your computer? It's asking me for a URL

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    Quote Contest

    I'll just send a link to the site instead.
    IGN- ItsukaAiko
    Entry #1- Rudeness is the weak person's imitation of strength
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    Quote Contest

    IGN- ItsukaAiko
    Entry #2- Obtaining Fashion is not the key to becoming stronger.

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    We are in the middle of the judging process.
    It will take me some time to decide, considering the amount of quotes submitted.
    Winners will be revealed today.

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    It has been hard to choose only 10 winners, between so many amazing entries. It has been even harder to choose the best quote from some players, that submitted so many options. But after some days of deliberation, I finally made my mind.

    So, it's time to know the best quotes of 2017...

    Quote Originally Posted by Gokuwmon View Post
    All Entries taken in game

    - Entry 1: Normal AK Conversations

    Quote Originally Posted by HyperDrive View Post
    Entry #4

    taken: forums

    when 36-40F was first released, 40F was even farther messy with headless running chickens
    enjoy the 24/7 transformations and blames afterwards
    Quote Originally Posted by ReAlive View Post
    Entry #4 L E G I T

    Taken in-game
    Quote Originally Posted by MitchyMich View Post
    ENTRY #2
    When the leecher said he's tired
    Quote Originally Posted by Alkurem View Post
    #8 When a hurricane coming but you need LP
    Quote Originally Posted by Aggro View Post
    [CENTER]Entry #7 - When TLN F10+ Released
    Quote Originally Posted by Maritzka View Post

    taken from public AK discord i think, dont remember anymore
    Quote Originally Posted by Blusy View Post
    Entry #8 - Gender
    Quote Originally Posted by a1pha_5tigma View Post

    Entry #11 What
    Taken: In-Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Aorii View Post
    I always loved the raids and the fact we always got furniture items on 11-20F
    If you see yourself on this list, it means you have won 2.500 AP. You will have to contact me in a private message to confirm the name of your character. Prizes will be send after I get confirmation on every winner's ID, so better hurry!

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