We wish you a Merry Christmas... And a Happy New Year!

When 2016 was almost over, there was a lot of uncertainty in our server. The community was getting smaller, and people was claiming for much needed changes and new things to do. Some we could almost say lost any hope...

But regardless, we faced the obstacles together. 2017 was a wonderful surprise: lots of newcomers and coming-back players, tons of new content and things to do. Even custom changes that we didn't know how the community will respond to, that ended up as a truly success.

This year has brought us more together than ever, as is safe to say we will be around for many more years. But this isn't the work of a single person: it's the result of the effort and struggle of everyone that has been and still is here. It's the combine strength of every player and staff member, and we couldn't thank you enough for everything you give.

Every time you help us test new things and join us in new adventures, every time you push us to be better, every time you share with us your laughs and even your complains, we learn and we cherish.

If there's a new resolution for next year, is that we continue growing and learning. So we couldn't end the year without giving all our gratitude to everyone that makes this possible: to everyone behind the curtains, and to every player that believe in us.

So, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Long life to akto, and for many more years of joy to find us together...