Server Maintenance: Christmas Edition

Patch Notes:
- Removal of Navea's Portals blocking NPCs.
- Fixes to Centurion Battlefield and new Centurion Battlefield additions:
Now, when you enter Centurion Battlefield, you will find an NPC ready to buff you. You need to talk to this NPC before you can enter.
The NPC will give you three choices: Receive the Power of the Guardian, the Power of Courage or the Power of Blessing.
Each option will transform you into a different thing and give you a different set of skills. You need to use this skills and transform yourself wisely, according to your team needs, to win the match. You can see an illustrative video of Centurion changes in this video:

New Paragon Table: Christmas Edition:
Available from December 22 to December 28. Christmas are coming, and to celebrate the Holidays we bring you a very special Paragon Table that will put you in the holiday spirit. With the pre-release of two brand new (almost) eidolons, fashion, furnitures, and consumables to celebrate this blessed time!
- New Eidolon Release: Blessed Tyr. Our God of War is dressing up for Christmas and almost changing his cold heart for a peaceful and loving attitude. Tyr won't be only dressing up for Christmas: his skills also are. With +20% Lightning Skills DMG, it will be the perfect companion for some classes.
- New Eidolon Release: Holy Fenrir. There's no surprise that our favorite loli its a Christmas devoted fan. After all, there's plenty of food during the Holidays! Fenrir's inner child is more present than ever and she will give you the perfect winter boost: +20% to Ice Skills.
- Eirenne and Michael's Key Fragments; cause Christmas wouldn't be completed with our most sacred Eidolons.
- Ring of Oath.
- ExP Sprites and Backpacks.
- Christmas Fashion and Furnitures.
- Eidolons Reshuffle Scrolls.
- And Much More!

New Promotions:
AP and LP Christmas Gifts Edition:
Since a very important part of Christmas are gifts indeed, we have you prepare some very special ones in both stores. These bags won't be cheap, but don't think for a second they won't be awesome.

- Azurian Ghosts of Christmas Past Gift: Chances to get Verdandi, Pandora, Hades, Hermes, Cerberus, Morrigan, Nidhogg's Keys of Gaia, Accesories, or one Ring of Oath. You are guarantee to get one item.
- Azurian Blessed Christmas Gift: Chances to get Snow White, Fenrir, Venus, Michael, Demeter, Hebe, Eirenne, Idunn's Keys of Gaia, Accesories, or one Ring of Oath. You are guarantee to get one item.
- Azurian Wise Christmas Gift: An awesome exp pack with x10 Seasoned Chocolates, x10 Mastery and Superior Mastery Pass, x20 XP Cards and Advanced XP Cards, x7 24-Hour Crystals, x1 7-Day Crystal and x1 Sprite of Gaia (1 Day). You get all of those items, and a small chance to also win Sprite of Gaia (3 Days), Sprite of Gaia (7 Days) or Sprite of Gaia (14 Days).
- Azurian Power of Christmas: Chances to get 20th Order Weapon, Armor or Accessory Scrolls x5, Superior Weapon, Armor, or Accessory Scrolls x10, Silver Anvils x5, 1*,2* and 3* Equipment Fusion Stones x1, 120%, 125% and 130% Forging Scrolls x1. You are guarantee to get one item.
- Azurian Godly Power of Christmas: The ultimate upgrade pack with 20th Order Weapon, Armor and Accessory Scrolls x5, Superior Weapon, Armor, and Accessory Scrolls x5, Silver Anvils x5, 1*,2* and 3* Equipment Fusion Stones x1. You get all those items, and a small chance to win 120%, 125% or 130% Forging Scrolls x1.

AP Store Christmas Edition:
Wouldn't really feel like Christmas either without new fashion! And this time, Azurians will truly feel the Christmas spirit with the release of a brand new Christmas lovely girly outfit and two brand new adorable mounts. When you think this game can't get any better, you see those polar bears walking, and you realize you are suddenly in love.

Promotions will be available from December 22 to December 29 and they will be added AFTER maintenance ends.

Christmas Events

Sky Tower Week
Starting this Saturday and until next Thursday (December 28), Sky Tower and Sky Tower Hell will be available every day of the week. This means, a lot more od extra runs for you to grind! If you thought you would be able to relax during the Holidays, you was clearly wrong.

Floor 40 Challenge
Does the Floor 40 feels like a challenge on it's own? Well, it's not over yet. As soon as you break that Chest, you will find a little surprise coming out. Defeat them to win amazing prizes! Eidolons Keys or fragments, accessories, consumables, loyalty and more!

Double ExP Event
So, what to do when Sky Tower isn't on? What about leveling up?? We will have a double exp and double mastery exp event from December 22 (as soon maintenance ends) to January 2nd. Such a good use of your winter break!

2017 is almost over, and we wanted to celebrate with you the amazing year we had. Thank you to all the community for their constant support, patience, sense of humor and mostly thank you for your inconditional love to this place that feels like one big family (disfunctional sometimes, of course, like everyone's family!). Happy Christams to all!