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    [Christmas Event] Secret Santa Code!

    It's December! It's Christmas!! It's Santa Victoria!!!
    Once again, strange phenomenon has been discovered in our Christmas world of Azuria
    Santa is leaving a secret code for all the good boys and girls to discover! (and of course, rewards to whoever find it!)
    He(She) left some unique markings in multiple places across Azuria for you to discover
    What's the catch? These markings will form a letter, and each location gives different letter
    You'll need to investigate these markings and analyze them to form a Secret Santa Code and grab the goodies!

    [Forum Event]
    Discover the Secret Santa Code!
    22th December 2017(After Maintenance) - 28th December 2017, 11:59 PM Server Time

    Unique markings have been discovered on several locations, from Navea to Blizzard Berg, Channel 1

    ✪ These markings form a letter, you must assemble these scattered letters to form a word which is a Secret Santa Code from Santa Victoria! There's a total of 13 letters

    ✪ A little hint from Santa! the Secret Santa Code is related to our AKPS server!

    ✪ You are NOT ALLOWED to RESERVE or EDIT your entries. Reserved/Edited entries will be automatically disqualified.

    ✪ Please follow this format to submit your entry:

    IGN: [Player IGN]
    Secret Santa Code: [The secret Santa code you've discovered]
    Screenshots: [Screenshots of these letters forming the secret Santa code]

    ✪ Only one IGN is allowed to participate from each account.

    ✪ Your screenshots must consist of each unique markings. These markings are sorted according to your Secret Santa Code's word, and your IGN must be visible on the screenshot.

    ✪ Your screenshots MUST be CROPPED (only your IGN and unique marking is visible)


    IGN: Victoria
    Secret Santa Code: 107

    ✪ 1st Good Boy/Girl ✪
    Choice between Christmas Tyr's Key of Gaia x3 / Christmas Fenrir's Key of Gaia x3 + Ring of Oath x1

    ✪ 2nd Good Boy/Girl ✪
    Choice between Christmas Tyr's Key of Gaia x2 / Christmas Fenrir's Key of Gaia x2 + Ring of Oath x1

    ✪ 3rd Good Boy/Girl ✪
    Choice between Christmas Tyr's Key of Gaia x1 / Christmas Fenrir's Key of Gaia x1 + Ring of Oath x1

    ✪ 4th - 10th Good Boy/Girl ✪
    Ring of Oath x1
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