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    [Screenshot Contest] A Christmas Feast

    Ah, food, is there anything better than that?
    And you know what Christmas means, right?
    Exactly! When we take all our life savings to buy the fanciest, most delicious food we can!
    Turkey, ham, roasted vegetables, eggnog..... PIES! YULE LOGS! aaaah~
    But all this trouble, and your 20kg feast ends in 10 minutes!
    Such wonderful things can't be worth so little
    So let's do what all the cool kids are doing nowadays
    Take photos of it! As many as you're allowed and share with as many people as you can!

    [Forum Event]
    [Deadline - December 26th 11:59PM Server Time]


    Take a photo in-game showcasing food!
    A plot isn't needed but can count points
    You can invite more people to make it more interesting but only the person submiting it will be considered
    You can't edit your photo, but you can edit your entry
    Remember to write your ign

    Judgment Criteria
    Photo quality
    Christmas feeling

    1st Place [Full Dinner]
    Golden Black Mr. Lamb + 10 Food packs of your choice

    2nd Place [Tasty Lunch]
    Golden Gentleman Penguin + 8 Food Packs of your choice

    3rd Place [A Snack in the Afternoon]
    6 Food Packs of your choice

    Early Drunken' - [10x Hades' Wine Bottle]
    Refined Taste - [10x Hades' Bloody Steak]
    Southeast Style - [15x Super Rice Dumpling]
    Full for a While - [15x Maple Roasted Turkey]
    Sugar Rush - [15x Cocktail + 15x Cotton Candy]
    Finishing Dessert - [20x Celebratory Tart]

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    Active User Naellani's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    Hears Ocean Waves where ever I go
    IGN: Gaelhane

    Every day I run to you Snowman. If you are not there I go build you in Cactakara
    So here is my invitation for Christmas Eve. Lets just enjoy sharing food.
    Don't worry I won't forget to get some handfull of snow for you
    You do not need to bring anything just Joy and Smiles would be perfect gift.
    Zamiii will be here too

    I wanted to thank you for giving me strenght every day to fight for Aura Kingdom

    I love you Snowman blushes now lets dance in happyness and sharing

    Last edited by Naellani; 12-17-2017 at 08:33 AM.
    "Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan nan galad"

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    Active User Ryu Shurei's Avatar
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    Aug 2017

    Not a feast but let's just a little selfie with Santa together with my donut that I just gotten from the Santa.

    IGN: Ryue

    Feel free to disqualify this entry if it broke any rules. Just wanna join the fun~

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    New Users HuongHuong's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    IGN: HuongHuong

    What's great about going on a picnic and enjoying roast chicken with friends on holiday.

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    Jul 2014

    Red face

    IGN.: Basiilik

    ~Family Party~
    Christmas is all about gathering with your family and people who you love.
    But also, it is about trying to control yourself not to attack the food while you take a family portrait, right Hansel?

    Basiilik 8x ~ Lancer/HolySword
    Tempurah 78 ~ Necro/Bard

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    Active User angsally's Avatar
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    Oct 2015

    Having a Christmas Party all by myself because all my friends cant make it *internal sobbing*
    Such a lonely Christmas~
    in a state of mental confusion where i do not even know where and who am i

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    IGN : Theamilis

    As we gather together in this holiday season
    May our hearts be grateful,
    our mugs be full,
    and our pants be stretchy!

    thank you google for the description >.<
    Last edited by Airisviel; 12-26-2017 at 03:21 PM.

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    IGN : Hone_onna
    Just me and my husbando having a xmas dinner in our halloween house owo

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    thank you everyone for participating! closing the thread a little late, sorry! the winners will be announced in the next couple of days.

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    Results are in! With a slightly change on the first prize, since the black lamb appeared on paragon, i'll be changing to a gold mount of your choice!

    - First Place -

    - Second Place -

    - Third Place -

    Sorry I couldn't give prizes to all of you because i truly loved all entries, and thank you again for participating!
    I'll ask to the winners to send me a PM on forums with their chosen packs/mount

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