Ah, food, is there anything better than that?
And you know what Christmas means, right?
Exactly! When we take all our life savings to buy the fanciest, most delicious food we can!
Turkey, ham, roasted vegetables, eggnog..... PIES! YULE LOGS! aaaah~
But all this trouble, and your 20kg feast ends in 10 minutes!
Such wonderful things can't be worth so little
So let's do what all the cool kids are doing nowadays
Take photos of it! As many as you're allowed and share with as many people as you can!

[Forum Event]
[Deadline - December 26th 11:59PM Server Time]


Take a photo in-game showcasing food!
A plot isn't needed but can count points
You can invite more people to make it more interesting but only the person submiting it will be considered
You can't edit your photo, but you can edit your entry
Remember to write your ign

Judgment Criteria
Photo quality
Christmas feeling

1st Place [Full Dinner]
Golden Black Mr. Lamb + 10 Food packs of your choice

2nd Place [Tasty Lunch]
Golden Gentleman Penguin + 8 Food Packs of your choice

3rd Place [A Snack in the Afternoon]
6 Food Packs of your choice

Early Drunken' - [10x Hades' Wine Bottle]
Refined Taste - [10x Hades' Bloody Steak]
Southeast Style - [15x Super Rice Dumpling]
Full for a While - [15x Maple Roasted Turkey]
Sugar Rush - [15x Cocktail + 15x Cotton Candy]
Finishing Dessert - [20x Celebratory Tart]