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    School Days: New Paragon Table, AP and LP Promotions!

    New Paragon Table: School Days Edition
    Available from December 14 to December 21. Holidays are coming and winter break is just around the corner. But in the world of Azuria, the sun is still shining and classes are definetely on! On this special edition of our Paragon Table, you will be able to transform your house into a real Academy with the release of the brand new school furnitures. And of course, all the needed fashion to dress propperly!
    - New Class Room Furnitures and House Designs.
    - Cynthia's Gothic New Dress, Baseball Uniform and Sweetheart Jumpsuit.
    - Dandy Senior Suit and Girl Boss Formal Suit.
    - Eidolon's School Uniforms.
    - Several School Uniforms and Glasses.

    New Promotions:

    AP Source of Power Edition
    Are you ready for some godly power? As you know, Eidolons have a vary particular relationship with their weapons. And if you want to emulate this bound, you will be able with this week's AP Hot items edition: Eidolon's Weapons and their Keys of Gaia will be ready for you. With more than 20 different Eidolons Keys and their weapons, it will be a powerful rampage. Including the release of Idunn's Staff of Life, and premium costume weapon enchant cards!

    LP Holidays Edition
    Of course, we cannot forget Christmas is just around the corner. And we will start to get ready for the Holidays in this special edition of our Loyalty Store: Eirenne's and Fenrir's Keys of Gaia and fragments, Custom Blessed Angel Feathers, Angel Broom of the Stars, and all kind of Holiday's Outfits, accesories and ornaments!

    Promotions will be available from December 14 to 21.

    As for next week, we will return next thursday to our regular maintenances. Christmas events will start from next thursday; and the shop revamp will continue in the following days.

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    wooohhhoooo Idunn's staff! ♥♥♥ Thanks much Aura!

    credit by Oribani

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    Yay! My glasses are back~ Thanks for the promos!

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    So next week is 2x exp AND ST week? Going to have to decide to do one or the other...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oceanu1 View Post
    So next week is 2x exp AND ST week? Going to have to decide to do one or the other...
    Yes, next week.

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    yaaay thank so much for update Aura~! ♥

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    i hope the st week get bugged again likelast year xD anyways ty for the hardworks!

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    Yay for the broom and velvet dress!! I have been waiting for them!!!

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful update!

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