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    Under the christmas tree!
    Sibling's tasty Christmas!!

    Fenrir: Oh my gosh, big bro made a giant cake for Fefnir!!! AND IT'S SO TASTY!
    Tyr: Of course, anything for -- WAIT, DID YOU JUST EAT THE HALF OF THIS CAKE IN 10 SECONDS??

    IGN: Niige

    Idea behind: Ever since i've seen Tyr's and Fefnir's christmas outfits, i really wanted to draw them in it! The idea with the cake actually came from Fenrir's eido wish, where she asks the player to cook up 30 dishes. 30 DISHES. Well, i'm hoping she doesnt ask me for food after Tyr's giant cake ;>

    Time spent: 5 hours ; w ;

    Materials used: Paper, touch marker. (It might look like it's been drawn digitally, but it's not, really. If needed, i can show proof, since markers tend to leave "marks" behind the paper. Hehe puns)
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    Happy New Year 2018 !

    Muse is receiving her christmas Present !

    ING: SpartanManga117

    - Sharpies
    - Christmas tree
    - Christmas Ball
    - Promarker
    - Paper
    - Adhesive tape
    - Christmas garland

    References: Divine Diva - Muse (and pets)

    Happy new year !!!

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    Thank you everyone for taking part!
    We're now closing a thread.
    Winners will be announced on this week!

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    Thank you all for waiting!
    I'm finally ready to announce results.
    Let's start with winners!

    1st place - EntiS
    2nd place - Ryuzune
    3rd place - Niige

    As for honorable mentions, they were shortened to 4 instead of 7. And those people are...

    Beichan, Jinsiel, Oolong and SpartanManga117!

    Thank you everyone! Your prizes will be sent on this week.

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