You know how they say it, don't you? "Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming..."
And they are indeed coming! Soon Christmas will arrive, and after that a New Year 2018!
Are you ready to celebrate it with characters you love from AK? You better be, because we're about to hold a new contest!
Get ready your pencils, papers, decorations and, most importantly, cameras!

You will need to make a scene and then take a photo of it. The scene must consists of upcoming Christmas or New year decorations and special drawings, that are cut out from paper and placed in a way as if they are interracting with real world. Then you upload your photo here together with your IGN.


- You can use anything for decorating the surroundings and environment of your photo. You can also use any place for it too. Even yourself. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Just be sure all of this is related to Christmas or New Year)
- And yes, you can do it outdoor, if you want.
- Cutout drawings should feature any NPC/Mob/Eidolon/Character from Aura Kingdom. You may even draw your character, but their appearance should be recognizable.
- You are allowed draw more than 1 character.
- You can use only and only traditional style of art (meaning no drawing on PC and printing). But, you can use any material for it.
- All references that were used for your drawing should be posted below your photo. You may not include in-game references.
- If you're not sure, that we will recognize your drawn character, you can post screenshot (not as image, but as a link on it) as reference.
- You are allowed to edit your photo digitally. Only color adjustment is allowed in this contest.
- 1 photo and 1 entry per user.
- Need to change something? You can edit your entry until the deadline.


A real life example of how Alex spend his New Year.

IGN: Victoria
Reference: Alex profile pic

Judgement Criteria


This contest is not about how good you are at drawing. It's all about how good you are at utilizing environment and placing your character in it!


No-no-no, I don't mean how beautiful is your drawn character looks like. What I do mean is how does your entry looks like in general. Character's interaction with real world, decorations, possible plot of the photo. That's what do matters here.

Following all rules
I have to write it here due to a lot of beautiful works being dropped from past events, because people didn't follow all rules. So please, read everything in event details section.

Deadline: January 2nd 2018, 10:00 PM Server Time

We will have 3 winners in general. All of them will receive following prizes:

1st place - 7,000 AP
2nd place - 5,000 AP
3rd place - 3,000 AP

We will also have 7 honorable mentions, who will receive 1,000 AP