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    [Photo contest] Holidays are coming!

    You know how they say it, don't you? "Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming..."
    And they are indeed coming! Soon Christmas will arrive, and after that a New Year 2018!
    Are you ready to celebrate it with characters you love from AK? You better be, because we're about to hold a new contest!
    Get ready your pencils, papers, decorations and, most importantly, cameras!

    You will need to make a scene and then take a photo of it. The scene must consists of upcoming Christmas or New year decorations and special drawings, that are cut out from paper and placed in a way as if they are interracting with real world. Then you upload your photo here together with your IGN.


    - You can use anything for decorating the surroundings and environment of your photo. You can also use any place for it too. Even yourself. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Just be sure all of this is related to Christmas or New Year)
    - And yes, you can do it outdoor, if you want.
    - Cutout drawings should feature any NPC/Mob/Eidolon/Character from Aura Kingdom. You may even draw your character, but their appearance should be recognizable.
    - You are allowed draw more than 1 character.
    - You can use only and only traditional style of art (meaning no drawing on PC and printing). But, you can use any material for it.
    - All references that were used for your drawing should be posted below your photo. You may not include in-game references.
    - If you're not sure, that we will recognize your drawn character, you can post screenshot (not as image, but as a link on it) as reference.
    - You are allowed to edit your photo digitally. Only color adjustment is allowed in this contest.
    - 1 photo and 1 entry per user.
    - Need to change something? You can edit your entry until the deadline.


    A real life example of how Alex spend his New Year.

    IGN: Victoria
    Reference: Alex profile pic

    Judgement Criteria


    This contest is not about how good you are at drawing. It's all about how good you are at utilizing environment and placing your character in it!


    No-no-no, I don't mean how beautiful is your drawn character looks like. What I do mean is how does your entry looks like in general. Character's interaction with real world, decorations, possible plot of the photo. That's what do matters here.

    Following all rules
    I have to write it here due to a lot of beautiful works being dropped from past events, because people didn't follow all rules. So please, read everything in event details section.

    Deadline: January 2nd 2018, 10:00 PM Server Time

    We will have 3 winners in general. All of them will receive following prizes:

    1st place - 7,000 AP
    2nd place - 5,000 AP
    3rd place - 3,000 AP

    We will also have 7 honorable mentions, who will receive 1,000 AP

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    This sounds funny to make! I will reserve this post so no one will steal my idea

    Basiilik 8x ~ Lancer/HolySword
    Tempurah 78 ~ Necro/Bard

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    Under the Wisteria Flowers

    A Watercolored Forest of Lights

    Hansel and Gretel are super curious eidolons, of course! So, when the duo find themselves lost, they're happy to notice that this forest is not like the one from before! Here, there's a strangely 3-D snowman and giantic ornaments! And oh goodness, the lights! A merry vibe fills the papery background, and the two spend the night having snowball fights! Merry Christmas!

    IGN: Oolong
    Reference: Hansel and Gretel
    Materials: Sharpies, Watercolors, Cotton Ball, Lights, and Ornaments!

    Kind of a shame the contest isn't over until the new year because there are so many eidolons to buy with that luxurious AP. oTL Oh well, good luck to all who enter!
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    Merry Christmas to Everyone :3

    IGN: _IceCream_
    Reference: R4inM4ster,Ice_Warrior
    Materials: Pencil, Ribbon

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    Chon'sin, Valm

    Santa could not afford actual elves this year, so he made do with crew. He's pretty sure they all made more of a mess than actually help wrap presents in time for his yearly trip to deliver toys.
    IGN: Beichan

    Scenery: Tree, Wrapping Paper, Boxes, Sharpie Markers, Scissors, Tape, Box Ornament, Gift Bags, Various Toys (still in box), Candy/Chocolate/Shortbread (Where Luneil, Selathira, and Kleio are)
    Cutouts: Strathmore Sheets (5.5in x 8.5in), Crayola and Prismacolor pencils, Black Pens, 2b Drawing Pencils, White Out, Scissors, Tape(Bengi only)

    Psychotic - Beichan | Darkened Joy - Bengi | Forever Judging - Hengi
    Queen of the Naughty List - Inui | Sinister but Clumsy - Kleio | Angelic Voice - Lanaya
    Playful Sorceress - Luneil | Mythical - Rakuto | Innocent and Pure - Selathira | True Angel - SolusIpse
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    FengXiu - Itzal - Beichan

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    Three years ago, I found this game and fell in love with Aura Kingdom so much that I had to get myself a Tanuki plushie named Kero. I also got a Sakura Tanuki in-game. Life happened and after a few months of playing, I went on hiatus mode.
    Earlier this month, I noticed Kero on top of the shelf and suddenly missed Aura Kingdom. I decided to download and install the game again and I'm so glad I did. Although on the first day, while looking at my friends list, it made me sad seeing all my old friends aren't playing anymore, I'm glad to say that I have met new ones. They make the game more enjoyable. The game itself has, and always been fun-filled, and packed with various adventures that you never get bored or run out of things to do.
    After 3 years, Kero and Sakura Tanuki are finally reunited. They are the stars of my Christmas tree. They remind me of how blessed I am to have found my way back to my long lost love, Aura Kingdom.

    IGN: Shayna
    Reference: Sakura Tanuki (pet)

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    So. it's go on like this. I asked Chronos what did she want on Christmas. She said she wanted to see how our world celebrated Christmas and new year. with all the stuff lying around my den. I realized that i have enough stuff to created one AKPad(tm) so i make it and then link it with her Eternal star which serve as her communicator. Then i take a trip in town and showing her our world Christmas and new year decoration. it was quite fun and i am pretty sure Chronos will have a lot of material to record for a next few days and keeping her happy.

    IGN: Litzke

    Reference : W̶a̶i̶f̶u̶ Chronos/Eternia. Random hat i redesign a little to fit Chronos's Clothing , IRL Location i took a picture. , the in game Emote :$

    Clarification: Chronos's hair color error came from the fact that the crayon i use did not have light purple one so i have to go with pink instead (I am sorry W̶a̶i̶f̶u̶ Chronos)

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    I think I play too much AKTO... to the point I can see them on the cake that I baked... (◯Δ◯∥)

    IGN: Ryuzune
    Yup, not Ryue anymore - I swap my main from necro to gunslinger!


    Tape | Toothpicks | Candle

    Notepad Paper | Pencil | Marker Pen | Scissor

    A homemade celebration cake made by myself with some Christmas cake decoration


    Black Kitty and Serena's Pet Rabbit

    These two cuties mascots always caught my attention no matter where they are in Aura Kingdom.

    Therefore, I decided to use these two cuties as my reference!

    A little bonus.

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    IGN: EntiS

    It was a really hard week... Phantoms from Sky Tower were taking over me and my teammates.

    After the last raid I was so exhausted that only my friends Yumikaze and Uriel could help me to get back home.
    Actually, I didn't think they would stay with me any longer, because Eidolons have a better place to go.

    After arrival I noticed that cats were already around my kotatsu: only now I realized that today is the last day of 2017.
    Byakko lazily dropped her pencils and joined Tigerius and Cleo in their nap, while Yumikaze and Uriel were preparing the dinner.
    Two more strange cats were here as well.

    Short while later a tasty fragrance came from the kitchen; it also lured some new guests.
    Cats weren't against the dogs in the house because it would be their year. (How generous, I thought).
    Tyr was lured by Fenrir and asked to use the kitchen for his special roast turkey. (Why not? I just wanted to have some rest and allowed anyone to come in my usually empty house).
    Then the dinner started with perfectly fried BBQ and warming stew. Tyr had to make x3 more portions for Cerberus and managed to save one more piece for Fenrir. (How much can she eat?..)

    We were so full after that, but Yumikaze was baking the cakes already, so we were just chilling in the living room.
    Fenrir tried to eat all the candies from the tree and Tyr tried his best with tying the ribbon. (He had so much electricity in him that it was quite a challenge).
    And when the final cake appeared in the room, it was already around the midnight; Yumikaze said that Papa Noёl will come soon and bring us the presents!
    But some moments after Uriel spilled his tea out of blue as if he saw a ghost (but I don't remember it properly because I was half asleep and seeng dreams about Sky Tower).

    And after that I fell in a deep dream so no one could wake me up and on the next noon I found myself at the different place near kotatsu along with my guests all around the living room ( but when did Aelius come?)
    That's how I celebrated my New Year.
    The End.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    My own character (EntiS);
    Eidolons: Yumikaze, Uriel, X-mas Fenrir, X-mas Tyr, Byakko, Tigerius Ceasar, Cleopawtra, Cerberus, Aelius;
    Extras: Neco Ark, Black Kitty, Ghodroon-kun Sword and Shield.

    Whatman paper for character base, eraser Milan, scissors, B-pencil, aquarelle colour pencils, markers, black liner, glitter pens, tea box for kotatsu's base, acryllic metallic paint, icecream sticks, two-sided sticky tape, white tape, paper knife, white gouache, polymer plastic for teaset, ribbons, fleece for Kero-kun (x2), toothpicks, ruler, piece of organic glass for the window, small lamp for Aelius, smartphone's BG fpor Aelius, red cotton for hats, small candle-like lamp for cake, white foam for Snowman-san, different beads.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Bonus: different shots of same scene for better experience.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Bonus 2: while everyone was sleeping (1), Neco Arc ate the rest of the cake! (2)
    Bonus 3: some tools while WIP. (3)
    Bonus 4: My ingame Character reference (4) Feels so embarassing when you take a photoshot >w<
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    PS: Sadly, my idea wa too hard to make, because I have not good camera to take a scene in the dark (to make an accent on the window), but I tried my best~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Happy New 2018 Year! (of Cerberus and Fenrir )

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    Lost in my thoughts.
    It was a few days before Christmas when Astraea, Hansel, and Gretel decided to go shopping in the Item Mall for some gifts. To their surprise it seemed like Santa Claus was stopping by to take some photos with the residents of Azuria. The eager Gretel obviously wanted to take a picture to serve as her first time meeting Santa. Hansel, however, was clearly in shock, not wanting to approach good ol' Saint Nick.

    It looks like Santa's elves were busy making toys for all the children for Christmas day, so Santa decided to hire a few friendly faces in Azuria. Unfortunately, the curious Bunnyhops were all too excited for the cookies and ended up devouring every last bit. The Double-Leaf Sprouts wanted to help set up some of the lights, but it seemed they got into a messy "tangle."

    Despite all of the troubles, Santa laughed it off and continued to bring joy to all of those in Azuria!

    IGN: Jinsiel

    Hansel & Gretel, Astraea, Bunnyhops, Double-Leaf Sprouts

    white-printer paper, mechanical pencils, scissors, scotch tape, index cards, Christmas lights, Santa statue(?),
    (I didn't have any coloring utensils so I wasn't able to color anything)
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