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    Fight Week: New Paragon Table and Consumables Promotions

    New Paragon Table: Into the Dark Edition
    Available from December 7 to December 14. Are you ready to fight? The brand new content introduced to the game has brough to Azuria new enemies, new dangers to endure and new battles to face. And of course, it wouldn't be Aura Kindgom if you don't do it in a fashionable way! In this very special edition of our Paragon Table, we bring you some of the best costumes in the game to get some action.
    - New Ornaments: Dark Lord Capes.
    - Cerberus Hairstyle and Costume.
    - Evil Spirit Lances.
    - Morrigan, Hades, Justitia, Lucifer and Tyr's Key Fragments.
    - Justita and Bahamut's Batlle Uniforms.
    - All different kinds of Guns Costume Weapons.
    - Ornaments and Accesories...
    - And Much More!

    New Promotions:
    AP and LP Consumables Edition:
    Of course, fighting it not only a matter of style. To help you grow stronger than before, we have two very special promotions in each one of our shops (both AP and Loyalty Stores) with all kind of goodies and amazing discounts!
    - Fortification Scrolls with 50% discounts.
    - Forging Guarantee Scrolls.
    - 1*,2* and 3* Weapon and Armor Fusion Stones.
    - Sprites, Exp Crystals and Cards with amazing discounts.
    - Charms Promotions.

    AP Store Storm Desert Edition:
    Still no ready for War? The latest added confrontation in the game is in Aurora's Temple, a Sacred place in the middle of the Desert. And to ensure you a most realistic game experience, we want to make sure you hit SLV.1 in the most fashionable way. With the introduction of two brand new mounts (Golden Evolved Tigerius Caesar and Cleopawtra mounts), flying carpets, deadly costumes and the lovely Medjed, Cleopawtra and Vermillion.

    * There's a typo in Tigerius Caesar and Cleopawtra Mounts: Althought described as 90%, both are 120% mounts -checked and working). We will fix this as soon as possible.

    Promotions will be available from December 7 to 14th.

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    Weeee consumables!!!! Thanks a lot Aura and dev ♥

    credit by Oribani

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    Thank you so much Aura and Devs!
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    nice star stones ty aura and team
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    In your dream
    starrrrr oressssss <3

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    Sweeeettt~! Thankies soo much for update Aura and the devs ~ ❤

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    morrighan...frags? xD aura ily but wai XD

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    ty aura and dev

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    That discount on forts! Time to try to gear for STH, lol. Thanks for the promos!

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    Aura, lp promo with scrolls to monday? :nosebleed:

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